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September 6, 2007

consequences of hat-wearing

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In a not-so-rushed morning, I decided to unload the dishwasher, and then float around on the internet while eating my breakfast…instead of actually getting ready. Result: wearing a hat and not worrying about hair-doing.

Consequences of hat-wearing:

-spending all day avoiding awkward eye contact with 40,000 students walking around campus.

Usually this problem is solved by wearing sunglasses (you know…on the handful of days out of the year that PA is Sunny). However, this morning, my not-so-rushed self felt as though sunglasses and hat=too much coverage and looking incognito.

-overheating of the head

My job in the lab this morning consisted mainly of trekking around campus hanging up posters that will hopefully recruit people for our study. Fact: PSU is a large campus. Fact:It was around 80 degrees today. Fact: Heat is lost through the head.

All of this adding up to: very hot head. Thanks hat.

-not-so-nice new bus pass picture

Yes, I knew that today we would be receiving our new bus passes from CATA so that we can freely ride between the campus, downtown, and our apartments. I have one from last year; it expired. My logic was that I would not have to take a new bus-pass picture. I was incorrect.

New bus pass picture is not attractive. Not that these things ever are. Especially since this year’s was taken from a very strange angle seeing as how the camera-man and his system were set up on a ping-pong table. Classy Nittany Crossing. Very classy. And I’m wearing a hat. Enough said.

Alas, my decision to do that hat-thing today was not so successful. Taking a more optimistic approach; my face was safely guarded from the very strong UV rays that we experience here in Happy Valley. Right? ehhh.


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  1. hey—i think your pic is hot. you did exactly what tyra would have done in that circumstance. see all of those hours we devoted to wathicn ANTP have paid off you fabulous hat wearer you!

    Comment by L B — September 7, 2007 @ 11:07 pm |Reply

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