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September 26, 2007

Six days Later

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Here I am again, blogging at 1:41 a.m. (Larisa, I think I’m giving new meaning to your “night blogging” philosophy…).

I didn’t intend to wait almost a full week before another post, but a lot can happen in six days! Recap:

Stressing Out.
-Studying. Homework. Reading. Non-stop. Way too much time at this desk.
-Watching football.

To be specific, watching our Lions lose to those Wolverines, for the bagillionth time. Not the exciting study break I was looking for guys, c’mon now. (Did Morelli actually put his head through a wall?? I think we are all wondering….)

-Cleaning in preparation for my parent’s arrival (Tomorrow night!!!!).

Logic was absent in this task. Cleaning a college apartment on a Saturday morning, pre-going-out-to-Lulu’s night, and pre-Sunday laziness (more football watching) is really not effective. At all.

-Shopping at Target.
…..twice. I have some amazing aviators and red-pumps to show for it.

-Going out with ALL of my roommates for some drinks and dancing. Oh what a night. 🙂

Just for you, Larisa, I will mention that yes; I almost lost my phone. We won’t talk about that. Phone getting kicked around the dance floor all night: Unhappy me. Overall night: Fabulous.

-Taking the first of four 2-hour Essay tests, for a science-based class. Not nice PennState, see above reasons (i.e. stress, studying, 1:41 a.m.).


Here I feel the need to mention that tonight I found a hidden treasure. Books on everything you ever wanted to know about Food; chemistry, cooking, restaurant operations, nutrient contents, baking, fruits & vegetables. Everything. I have finally found a purpose behind working in the library. Yes, these books are located on the 3rd Floor of Paterno, aka Business Library. Expect to see some book reviews very soon! 🙂

…and all of that finally brings me to 1:56 a.m. Six days later. It’s amazing to me that last week the thought of this simply stressed me out. And here I am, in the midst of the overlapping exams and assignments (and still needing to clean up). Surviving and relaxed.

Tomorrow night I get my cherry on top; Mom & Dad, welcome back to Happy Valley!


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