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January 2, 2008

Another Win for JoePa

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After a 24-17 defeat over the Texas A&M Aggies in the 2007 Valero Alamo Bowl, Joe Paterno reached a record of 23 career bowl wins as the head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions. As I mentioned earlier, he also holds the record for bowl appearances, with 34 under his belt. The Alamo bowl also marked his 500th game as a coach for PSU!

With every game and every season, he is setting records and making history. At the age of 80 he still runs out onto the field with the team before every game, he still paces the sidelines and yells at the officials, he still consistently coaches winning seasons, and he still pleases the crowd. When our team runs out on the field to start of each game people are cheering just as much for him as they are for them (if not more so 🙂 )!

I stood next to a small group of Aggie fans (stuck in the Penn State section) during the game. During the first few minutes they kept saying things like, “No he’s on the 25, wait…now the 30. See! Yah, look, that’s definitely him!”. At first I thought they were probably talking about one of their players, but then I realized they were following JoePa up and down the sideline. Watching him instead of the game. I had to ask, and this was one guy’s response:

“He is college football history! We’re not talkin’ Bobby Bowden or somethin’, this is Joe Pa!!”

🙂 Couldn’t have said it better myself!

And for those who keep speculating, he’s not going anywhere! In reference to our amazing fans, alumni, students, band, etc, his exact words were:

“Did you see the crowd and that atmosphere tonight? Where else would I want to be?”



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