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January 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

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Moving to Pennsylvania four years ago was definitely a transition for me. I had to get used to a lot of rainy days, a lot less sunny days, extremely cold days, a lack of Spring days, and months of snowy days. The adjustment was hard, but it did make me appreciate where I’m from a lot more! Not that I don’t think Pennsylvania is beautiful, because I truly do! But every time I go home, the desert never lets me down. It’s full of rock formations, mountains, various colors of sand and stone, canyons, bright blue skies, amazing sunsets, and blankets of sunshine.

It’s not always warm (despite what some might think…or in my case, hope), but I can handle that now. There isn’t green grass everywhere you look, but thats what makes it different. Some people even have rocks as part of their “lawn”…which I had never thought of as strange before I lived here. We need Sprinkler systems to keep the grass alive, because it doesn’t rain enough. It took me 3 years to realize there are No sprinklers here. Weeeird.

This is what I come home to :

view from the deckdriving through the Southwestsunny skies


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