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February 29, 2008

Drive, Shop, Hit the Road

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Despite the snowfall in Western PA, we are hitting the road and off to Pittsburgh! The plan: shop, shop, eat, shop, shop.

Basically because there are only a handful of decent stores to browse within a 100 mile radius, we have planned a night/day trip to the Outlets and Malls of the “burgh”. It will be  a short, busy, (hopefully) successful journey.

I’m excited to road-trip with the roomies, it’s been too long! If you remember, the last few drives have been solo and a little stressful. None of that today! Instead I’ll have the company of best friends, music, sing-alongs, snacks, and roads I’ve come to know like the back of my hands. Gooood stuff.

Happy weekend!


February 28, 2008

The Model

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She’s painted, decorated, clean, and has candy in the cabinet. She owns a TV with cable, and a couch that doesn’t swallow you when you sit down. She has dry carpets, no mold, and no humidity. She has nicer appliances and a balcony. She will let us stay there until ours is fixed, and we can go “home”.

“She” is the model apartment. The one they show people who are on the market to rent; the one they show off. The one that makes you think if you had some $$ and time to paint a few walls, this could be what your apartment looks like too! Yah, right.

This is where we’ll be living for the next few days. They are finally re-carpeting our apartment, after two visits from the friendly neighborhood Health Inspector. I won’t go into full story-mode, but basically we finally got an “adult” to put an opinion in for us. Apparently if you are 21 and in college, you aren’t considered an adult, and thus nobody will take you (or your complaints) seriously. FYI.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend we’ll be back home. Right now we have packed “overnight bags”, stripped our beds down and transferred all sheets and comforters to our new rooms, and brought over a box of food/drinks/snacks/utensils/other necessities. We are doing everything we can to finish off the bag of mixed candies they left in there and stay true to the contract they made us sign saying we wouldn’t trash the place. Seriously? Four girls, who just wanted new carpet and no mold. Hi, we’re not delinquents!

February 27, 2008

Just a Short Run

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13.1 miles to be exact.

LB and I decided today that we’re going to run the “Just a Short Run Half Marathon“. It takes place on March 29, about five minutes from Crazy’s house. Which translates to, road trip with the roomies! And a weekend in Pittsburgh! And running a little race with LB! Gooood stuff.

The course circles a lake as it loops through a golf course and a park. Which sounds perfect; not too many hills, pretty scenery, and minimal traffic. Aside from potentially getting hit by a golf ball, I think we’ll be good to go!

I have no desire to run 25+ miles for 4+ hours right now, but I just want a little challenge. The treadmill & talk-show-on-TV-above routine gets old. I’m bored of the loops around here, not that I’ve even been able to run outside in months. And every now and then, it just helps to have something you’re aiming for. Granted it’s not likely that I’ll get the perfect 60º-sunny weather that I looove, I’m hoping that a month from now we’ll at least be able to see the ground.

Since a typical run for me now is 4-5 miles, I’m hoping that the training wont’ be too bad. Things on my to-do list (so far) only include:

-Update iPod “Exercise” play list
-Purchase nicer socks (preferably without wear-and-tear on the heels)
-Find some local trails and pray that the sun comes out to play with me Soon

Oh, and Winter, now would be the perfect time to take a hint. It’s almost March, we get it. You have officially worn out your welcome. Please pack your things, and leave. Thanks.

Countdown: 32 days!

February 25, 2008

117 points

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If you were watching the Oscars last night, you may know that Heidi Klum is auctioning off the beautiful red dress she was wearing online at This is a site where you take the caps off of any Coke product and enter the “code” underneath into your personal account.

I’m a little bit ashamed to admit that I have a personal account. On I have good reason (if you can have any good reason for something like this…)!! They only sell Coke products in the vending machines at our apartments. The vending machines located next to the pool. In the hot summer, a girl has no choice. Must drink something icy cold and refreshing! Right? Ehhhh.

Normally I would much prefer Pepsi, but I had no choice. So, I decided if I had to drink Diet Coke because of it’s close proximity and convenience, I will reap the rewards. I have accumulated 117 points. To break it down, that says I have consumed approximately 40 Coke products since June 2007. Although, Jack saves his caps and gives them to me, so you could probably cut that number in half.

Point being, I am probably about 100000000 points away from being able to “Bid” on Heidi’s dress, but here’s what I can buy with my points:

-movie rentals at Blockbuster
-ring-tone song downloads
-20 ounce Coca Cola product, or a 12-pack Coca Cola (Yea, that’s what I need.)
-Diet Coke Picture frame (Which is actually 125 points. Which tells me that the people at Coke value my purchasing 42 of their products as much as a plastic picture frame. Great.)
-One digital issue of various magazines
-One year subscription to CosmoGirl, Redbook, SEVENTEEN, or Esquire
-Josh turner or Sugarland poster
-Adidas sports towel
-Rent-a-Car single upgrade coupon

Yea, I’m with you. Not surprised, impressed, intrigued, or interested. The magazine subscription thing I could go for, but I still need about 20+ points before I can get the “good” ones. Unless any of you are interested in re-subscribing to SEVENTEEN? In which case, let me know, I’m on it.

On to browse more possibilities. And sticking to Pepsi from here on out.

February 22, 2008

This is What I Need

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:: for it to Stop snowing and being freeeezing outside.

:: high-heel pumps that don’t make my feet hurt.

:: tall black boots, with a point, that don’t pinch my toes all day.

:: a DJ that doesn’t turn my favorite JT song into techno. Not nice.

:: a No-limit budget for my shopping trip with the roomies next weekend!

:: a What Not to Wear marathon. Accompanied with beer, snacks, and my favorite company.

:: the apartment devils to replace our carpet so that it doesn’t smell like a wet-dog in here anymore. gross.

:: not to live 8 hours and 3 states away from Jack.

:: sunshine. Right. Now.

:: somebody to go wash my car, fill it up with gas, and change the oil. Oh, and maybe vacuum the inside? Yes, that’d be great. Gracias.

:: to spend the $20 Target gift card I have on things that I don’t Need. Accessories perhaps? We’ll see.

:: a nice, long, relaxing weekend not filled with quickly-approaching deadlines.

:: Spring break, family, home, traveling, warm weather.

:: to watch and fully enjoy “Step up 2: The streets” tonight with Crazy. With candy.Yessss.

Happy weekend!

February 20, 2008

Indoor Icicles

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I had no idea this was possible, but be assured, it is.

As you may know, our apartment flooded last week, and the damage continues. In the last week we have had de-humidifiers, commercial-strength fans, a corner of our living room carpet pulled up (and not replaced), and our carpets cleaned and “sterilized”. We walked around in slippers and flip-flops for the week to avoid soaking our feet in dirty carpet-water (ewwww), and burned numerous candles to the wick because our apartment smelled like a wet dog.

Out of all this, one de-humidifier remains. It’s hangin’ out in our bathroom, not doing too much. There have been a few times where the condensation on the windows has indicated it’s getting too humid from the still semi-damp carpet, so we turn it on. We were blessed with somewhat “decent” weather on Sunday and Monday, so we could finally open a window and let some of the air circulate without getting frostbite.

Last night it was approximately 5º outside and I could see the water droplets forming all over my window. I opened it a little bit to test it out, because bringing a de-humidifier into a small bedroom and shutting the door for 10 hours really does nothing. However, the blast of cold air I was hit with quickly changed my mind, and I slammed it shut. Covered in condensation. Hello, I’m dumb.

I woke up this morning and couldn’t even see outside because of all the watery-ness. I thought: Since I’ll be gone all day, I guess it’s just better to open this up a little bit and deal with the fact that it’ll be a little cold when I get back. At least it will let out some of the humidity right?

I tried to open my window. I pulled reeeallyy hard. I locked it and unlocked it. Then pulled again. I can’t be that weak, I can open this damn window. The window will not beat me.

Ehhhh. No, but the ICE that has formed in droplets and mini icicles along the window-sill….they beat me. My window is actually frozen shut. Oh.My.Gosh. I have icicles IN MY ROOM. Wow. End of story.

February 19, 2008

Quiet in the Library

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An afternoon in the library will leave you with than just the information from the books. For those who don’t know, this is my part-time job. I sit at a desk, call myself a “Reference Assistant”, do some homework, and observe.

I’ve been doing this for two years now, and there are many boring moments. But to make up for those, some people (unknowingly) lend me their story.

One thing you might need to know is that our school library is the 12th largest library in the WORLD. That’s right, it’s huge. I work on the third floor of one section. There’s an elevator lobby about 20 yards from my desk. People love to sit in there and talk on their phones, which has never made sense to me, since it’s all tile and everything echoes. Granted, there are two lounge chairs in there, that seem to look appealing to all cell-phone users. We used to have a sign up that said “No Cell Phone Zone” because of this, but it wasn’t stopping anybody. Especially not today.

A girl walked out of the computer lab section and into this hallway. She was responding quickly and defensively to whatever the other person was saying to her. As she stormed in there, I knew this would last for a while. I was right. After about a minute I decided this was an argument with a (current? very-recently-Ex?) boyfriend. It went on. And on. And on. This chick was not happy. Lies, cheating, former arguments, her friends, his friends. They were all involved. They all had opinions. She was RIGHT. Jerk! This I know, because I had no choice but to hear alllll of it. I do feel bad, but when she got off the phone and calmly walked back into the computer lab she revealed no look of remorse. Moving on.

A guy came up to the desk to report that the Men’s Restroom had urinals overflowing. Ummm, EW. Thanks for the report. Off to tell the boss, because, EW. The janitors arrived in about five minutes to check out the situation. Apparently somebody “vandalized” the restroom. Grotesquely. We won’t go into details, but according to him, this same thing has happened multiple times since Christmas Break. In other words, somebody has time during the week to stop and think “Hey, I should go mess up that bathroom. Again.” Janitors are not happy. I am grossed out, because I watched said person walk in and out. I wonder if he had a little grin on his face when he left. EWWWW.

Every hour I walk around and do a “count” of how many people are in here. Around the perimeter of the floor we have individual desks that people sit and work at. One of them is currently inhabited by a girl who seems to have brought her pantry along with her. She has been here for at least 4+ hours. The desks have edges on both sides (to kind of close you in) and a little shelf in between that sits a little bit above eye-level. She has this shelf set-up. On one side there are 3 bottles: water, propel, something that’s empty. On the other side are snacks: a bag of Cheez-Its, gum, skittles, a Snicker’s wrapper. Next to her there is a bag of carrots, a can of Coke, and a disappearing sandwich. I hope she is surviving back there.

Yes, these are the things that entertain me on Tuesday afternoons.

February 18, 2008


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I love love love to make collages. I have been perfecting the art since middle school. Although, in those days, the canvas consisted of an entire wall in my room (oh, how very stylish my room looked too). And the “art” consisted of things I tore out of “SEVENTEEN” magazine that I thought were supposed to be cool. Things like pictures of Freddy Prinze Jr., Clinique Happy ads, lists like “17 things you should do before you’re 17”, etc.

I moved on to pictures. I took a lot of them (still do). As they piled up, I would spend one Saturday in front of the TV with my “supplies” spread all around me. I would make a complete mess of paper scraps while I watched “Save the Last Dance”, or “You’ve Got Mail”. The end product would be something I considered wall-worthy and beautiful. I’m totally a scrap-booker, although there are piles of pictures in my room that would argue otherwise. However, to this day there is a collage of pictures from freshman year of high school hanging on my wall. We look like babies, but I can’t take it down.

I started making cards. I cut out good quotes or words to put together to make a quote, and saved certain days from tear-off calendars. My collection makes it easy to create a card that says anything I want it to, in a collage of words. I save small scraps of paper to add to the mix, making it look less “formal”, but still well put together.

Bulletin boards that slowly fill up (and eventually, overflow) with random memorabilia, pictures, post-it-notes, etc are my favorite. This is not to say that I want my room full of them, but they have such personality.

A few weeks ago I decided to cut out some ‘outfits’ and ‘trends’ from our collection of magazines. With four girls in one apartment, we have our fair share of GLAMOUR, In Style, People, Cosmo, etc. The basket next the couch often overflows, but we rarely throw them away. I made a collage of things I liked; shoes, dresses, jackets, outfits, casual tops, a few accessories. I thought I could use it as a guide when planning outfits, shopping online, etc. but it served more as something to entertain me for a few days.

It will always go back to pictures and cards. And after four years of college I’ve realized I’m a little bit of a science nerd, but this will always be there to balance it out.

February 16, 2008

Gym Wars

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Elle Woods (aka Reese Witherspoon) said it herself:
“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.
Happy people don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.”
Well happy-people exercisers may not shoot their husbands, but watch out. They might be after you instead.
Let me start from the beginning…
I’m at the gym. I have a small blister on my foot from running the other day, so I decided I’d rather do the Elliptical. You know when your mind is just set? Well, my mind was set.
Somebody was using the machine when I got down there (no big surprise, our gym is super small, only one Elliptical). Normally I would just think, “Ehhh fine, I’ll run instead.” Tonight, I didn’t want to run. Hmmm, I’ll just lift weights until she’s done. I stood there, lifting the huge 5-lb-ers (the next one up is 20-lb. Not happening.) in various ways for a good 20 minutes.
In the meantime, somewhere around minute 15, another visitor pops in. She walks over to the Elliptical and stands next to it. Takes off her sweatpants and jacket, and just stands there.
My thoughts:

Agh, hopefully she’s not waiting for it too. Maybe she’s getting on the bike (next to it). Huh, nope she’s just standing there. Wow, that’s really rude. I mean, I want that girl to get off, but I’m not gonna stand there and make it blatantly obvious. You gotta let someone enjoy their workout. Not nice, chick. And she better not plan on fighting me for that damn thing. Clearly I’m not actually here to lift weights…. I’m curling 5 pounds.

She is giving me the stare-down. Oh, this will be interesting.
Whatever. I’ve been here for 20 minutes. I don’t feel like running. No, I’m not going to. She can wait for me. I will be stubborn.”
Girl-1 gets off the Eliptical. This is it.
I grab my coat and walk over. She makes a move. I reciprocate.
Me: “Hi, I’ve been waiting for this for a while now.”
Girl-2: “Well I was down here earlier when she had 30 minutes left and just came back down.”
Yeah? Hmm, too bad.
Me: “Yea, I don’t know? I mean, I’ve been waiting, sooo….”
Girl-2: (giving me the death-stare, ah!) “Uh, OK. Yah, I guess I’ll just RUN or something.”
Oh, she’s mad. I’m proud of myself, I would usually back down in that situation. I mean, who really cares? But for some reason, that was not gonna happen. I climbed on and started it up.
Over at the treadmill….

She slams her jacket down on the floor and yells: “F*CK!”

.WHOA.whoa whoa whoa
I glance over at Girl-1 and we exchange looks. Both thinking… “Um, did she really just do that??”
Girl-2 has lost her mind. I decide that if she’s taking it as far as having a tantrum at the gym, she can have it. This is crazy! I take my stuff, walk over to the Treadmill and tell her just that (minus the, “You are psycho.”). I give her the “Hey, look, it’s not that big of a deal to me.” She proceeds to tell me that she can’t run, because of her knee. So, Whatever, she’ll just walk. And she has work tonight. And. UGH. Death-stare. She stays on the treadmill.
Alright girl, now I’m amused. You stay on that treadmill. She turned it up to 9.0 and started sprinting, and looked over at me. Then she stopped. Then she looked at me again and says this,
“I mean, are you gonna be on it for like a f*cking hour or something?!”
Me:(What?!?) “Uh, no. I’ll be on it for 30 minutes.”
Turning off the machine, grabbing her stuff and leaving, she says:

“Well when you get off, make SURE I get it.”

And she’s gone.
Girl-2 (aka Psycho): 0
Me: 1.
Meanwhile, the entire time I’m in there I fear her return. I think about how I’m going to blog about her, because this is hilarious. And I get out of there as soon as possible when I’m done. There are many weird/random things that happen in the gym, this one tops the “CRAZY” chart.

February 14, 2008

My V-day Looove

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I don’t plan on getting a dozen roses today, or even a box of chocolates. I’m totally okay with that. Jack and I have our gift-exchange, which translates to making each other awesome “care-packages” and sending them a week late because we are both bad about it. It works. 🙂

However, my mom sends the absolute best themed-packages for all special occasions. They are usually about a week early (why didn’t I inherit that habit??), and I can’t help but tear into them as soon as possible. One exception is my birthday, because who doesn’t love having things to open on the day? Anyway, I got my V-day love (early, as usual) on Tuesday. I opened it right up and here’s what I found….


The only things missing from this lovely display are the red & white peanut M&Ms. Please. Those were gone in about ten minutes. Yummmyyy. And the Reese’s hearts are well on their way….

She always sends me socks. It’s my favorite part. Because who needs a collection of holiday-themed socks (and multiple pairs for each holiday….)? Nobody. But I have them, and I love them. And they are always there.

Thanks, Mama. 🙂

Happy Valentines Day to all of you!!

I hope you are feeling as loved as you should!

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