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February 4, 2008

Who’s the Best??

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Player: Eli Manning. MVP, and definitely deserved it!

NOT Randy Moss! Contrary to his personal opinion.

That was probably the most exciting Super Bowl Fourth Quarter. Nice work Giants!!!

Commercial: Victoria’s Secret.

Completely unexpected, and perfect timing. There was definitely a lack of wit, humor, and general interest to the majority of the ads we just watched over the past four hours. Then, we have VS to the rescue! A simple, silent, clever commercial. That’s all we wanted, and they delivered.

I would have to say that a close-second would be the E*Trade baby. That little peanut was too cute!

Performance: Alicia Keys

This girl defines musical talent. While I am not endorsing her costume selection (where did those pants come from?!), that girl can SING. And play the piano. And write beautiful songs. I am blown away at how amazing her voice sounds every time she performs.

On another note, Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers gave us a great half time show. My only complaint: I didn’t get to hear “Last Dance with Mary Jane”. C’mon now, thats a classic too!

Drink of the night: Bud Select.

Budweiser had a few good ads (one in particular, the horse-in-training), but nothing special. Although apparently they did provide us with our “Aerial Coverage” for the night. Hmmm, good thing I could see the dome from the sky.
All things aside, the Bud Select pulled me through some wings, chips & Salsa, and brownie ice cream. That deserves some sort of recognition!

Overall Super Bowl 42 Rating: B+. Thanks for a great game, work on the commercials for next year!


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  1. And I thought we were friends?!

    Comment by mikesgotnothin — February 4, 2008 @ 10:02 pm |Reply

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