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February 12, 2008

On the Road Again….

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Destination: East to Philadelphia.

This weekend I was back on the road with my iPod and trusty SUV. Actually, I was back on the same roads that I traveled last Saturday on my way to MD. A minor change was traveling 76, otherwise known as the Turnpike, to the city of Brotherly Love.

I went to visit one of the first/best friends I made here at school. She graduated last December, so I don’t get to see her very often, aside from a few football games and Art’s Fest in the summer. She’ll always be one of those people where you just “pick up where we left off”. I love that about our friendship.

Next Fall I’m going to be in her wedding (yay!), so there’s been a lot going on for her. I got to see her dress, and try on a sample of my BM dress since it won’t be in until April. She also showed me where the ceremony and reception will be, which are both going to be so beautiful! That’s one thing I love about Pennsylvania, all the old stone churches surrounded by grass, trees, and old brick houses.

We also did a little shopping, went out for dinner, and followed that with some drinks. Something I love about the city: No cover charges for the bars! Which means you can actually go on a “bar tour”, which is exactly what we did.

We started thing off with a beer at “Pitcher’s”, followed by complimentary shots (thank you, random guys who bought blue shots and intrigued us), and another beer. Then we headed over to a place called “Bayou” (pronounced “Buy-you“), for some VTs and R&C’s (Vodka Tonics & Rum and Coke 🙂 ). The crowd here was a little slow so we strutted on down to enjoy a “club scene” at “105 Social”. Considering it was only about 10 o’clock by now (we started early?), it wasn’t too crowded yet and the DJ might have been the only one actually dancing. But we don’t need a crowd, we had a good time!

Favorite comment of the night:

…in reference to my very-out-of-state-ID…

Bouncer: “Wow, you came a long way for a drink!”

It was a quick trip, but it was definitely worth it. The only thing I could’ve done without would be the 1 1/2 hours of sitting, stopped, in traffic about 15 miles away from State College.
Word to the wise: If you have to go to the bathroom and you’re thinking “Eh, I’m only 20 minutes out, I’ll be fine….”, that will be just about the time that they decide to close the road and let you sit for almost 2 hours. GO to the bathroom. You will regret it otherwise. And you will be very cranky.


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