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February 14, 2008

My V-day Looove

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I don’t plan on getting a dozen roses today, or even a box of chocolates. I’m totally okay with that. Jack and I have our gift-exchange, which translates to making each other awesome “care-packages” and sending them a week late because we are both bad about it. It works. 🙂

However, my mom sends the absolute best themed-packages for all special occasions. They are usually about a week early (why didn’t I inherit that habit??), and I can’t help but tear into them as soon as possible. One exception is my birthday, because who doesn’t love having things to open on the day? Anyway, I got my V-day love (early, as usual) on Tuesday. I opened it right up and here’s what I found….


The only things missing from this lovely display are the red & white peanut M&Ms. Please. Those were gone in about ten minutes. Yummmyyy. And the Reese’s hearts are well on their way….

She always sends me socks. It’s my favorite part. Because who needs a collection of holiday-themed socks (and multiple pairs for each holiday….)? Nobody. But I have them, and I love them. And they are always there.

Thanks, Mama. 🙂

Happy Valentines Day to all of you!!

I hope you are feeling as loved as you should!


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