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February 18, 2008


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I love love love to make collages. I have been perfecting the art since middle school. Although, in those days, the canvas consisted of an entire wall in my room (oh, how very stylish my room looked too). And the “art” consisted of things I tore out of “SEVENTEEN” magazine that I thought were supposed to be cool. Things like pictures of Freddy Prinze Jr., Clinique Happy ads, lists like “17 things you should do before you’re 17”, etc.

I moved on to pictures. I took a lot of them (still do). As they piled up, I would spend one Saturday in front of the TV with my “supplies” spread all around me. I would make a complete mess of paper scraps while I watched “Save the Last Dance”, or “You’ve Got Mail”. The end product would be something I considered wall-worthy and beautiful. I’m totally a scrap-booker, although there are piles of pictures in my room that would argue otherwise. However, to this day there is a collage of pictures from freshman year of high school hanging on my wall. We look like babies, but I can’t take it down.

I started making cards. I cut out good quotes or words to put together to make a quote, and saved certain days from tear-off calendars. My collection makes it easy to create a card that says anything I want it to, in a collage of words. I save small scraps of paper to add to the mix, making it look less “formal”, but still well put together.

Bulletin boards that slowly fill up (and eventually, overflow) with random memorabilia, pictures, post-it-notes, etc are my favorite. This is not to say that I want my room full of them, but they have such personality.

A few weeks ago I decided to cut out some ‘outfits’ and ‘trends’ from our collection of magazines. With four girls in one apartment, we have our fair share of GLAMOUR, In Style, People, Cosmo, etc. The basket next the couch often overflows, but we rarely throw them away. I made a collage of things I liked; shoes, dresses, jackets, outfits, casual tops, a few accessories. I thought I could use it as a guide when planning outfits, shopping online, etc. but it served more as something to entertain me for a few days.

It will always go back to pictures and cards. And after four years of college I’ve realized I’m a little bit of a science nerd, but this will always be there to balance it out.


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  1. Oooh, me too! I LOVE photos and scrapbooking and collages. It’s just so hard to find time to do it. I have boxes of photos needing to be scrapbooked. I’m beginning to think I should abort that idea and just throw them into albums. Ugh.

    Comment by Sassy — February 19, 2008 @ 2:38 am |Reply

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