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February 20, 2008

Indoor Icicles

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I had no idea this was possible, but be assured, it is.

As you may know, our apartment flooded last week, and the damage continues. In the last week we have had de-humidifiers, commercial-strength fans, a corner of our living room carpet pulled up (and not replaced), and our carpets cleaned and “sterilized”. We walked around in slippers and flip-flops for the week to avoid soaking our feet in dirty carpet-water (ewwww), and burned numerous candles to the wick because our apartment smelled like a wet dog.

Out of all this, one de-humidifier remains. It’s hangin’ out in our bathroom, not doing too much. There have been a few times where the condensation on the windows has indicated it’s getting too humid from the still semi-damp carpet, so we turn it on. We were blessed with somewhat “decent” weather on Sunday and Monday, so we could finally open a window and let some of the air circulate without getting frostbite.

Last night it was approximately 5º outside and I could see the water droplets forming all over my window. I opened it a little bit to test it out, because bringing a de-humidifier into a small bedroom and shutting the door for 10 hours really does nothing. However, the blast of cold air I was hit with quickly changed my mind, and I slammed it shut. Covered in condensation. Hello, I’m dumb.

I woke up this morning and couldn’t even see outside because of all the watery-ness. I thought: Since I’ll be gone all day, I guess it’s just better to open this up a little bit and deal with the fact that it’ll be a little cold when I get back. At least it will let out some of the humidity right?

I tried to open my window. I pulled reeeallyy hard. I locked it and unlocked it. Then pulled again. I can’t be that weak, I can open this damn window. The window will not beat me.

Ehhhh. No, but the ICE that has formed in droplets and mini icicles along the window-sill….they beat me. My window is actually frozen shut. Oh.My.Gosh. I have icicles IN MY ROOM. Wow. End of story.



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