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February 28, 2008

The Model

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She’s painted, decorated, clean, and has candy in the cabinet. She owns a TV with cable, and a couch that doesn’t swallow you when you sit down. She has dry carpets, no mold, and no humidity. She has nicer appliances and a balcony. She will let us stay there until ours is fixed, and we can go “home”.

“She” is the model apartment. The one they show people who are on the market to rent; the one they show off. The one that makes you think if you had some $$ and time to paint a few walls, this could be what your apartment looks like too! Yah, right.

This is where we’ll be living for the next few days. They are finally re-carpeting our apartment, after two visits from the friendly neighborhood Health Inspector. I won’t go into full story-mode, but basically we finally got an “adult” to put an opinion in for us. Apparently if you are 21 and in college, you aren’t considered an adult, and thus nobody will take you (or your complaints) seriously. FYI.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend we’ll be back home. Right now we have packed “overnight bags”, stripped our beds down and transferred all sheets and comforters to our new rooms, and brought over a box of food/drinks/snacks/utensils/other necessities. We are doing everything we can to finish off the bag of mixed candies they left in there and stay true to the contract they made us sign saying we wouldn’t trash the place. Seriously? Four girls, who just wanted new carpet and no mold. Hi, we’re not delinquents!


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  1. Yikes! You sure have had a hell of a time dealing with that apartment flooding. Good luck and I hope everything is fixed soon.

    Comment by Sassy — February 29, 2008 @ 1:48 am |Reply

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