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March 4, 2008


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8:30 a.m. Going for a morning run before a phone interview to relax. It’s pouring outside, so I head down to the gym. I’m thinking a nice little 30 minute jog, nothing too crazy, just to get the legs going.

What my brain failed to inform me this morning was that it was going to go ahead and have a little ADD today.

Once I get to the gym, I notice that the treadmill I usually use is “Out Of Order”. Great. Considering what we had to do to get our apartment office to change our carpets, after 3 weeks, am I surprised? Of course not. The only other two treadmills available are right in front of a mirror. I hate that. I can’t ever decide where to look, and when I watch myself I get dizzy because my brain tries to process that I’m running, but not going anywhere. Weird. Guess what this leads to…..Gym ADD (aka, not being able to think about one thing for more than 2 seconds. Thus making a 30 minute run feel like houurssss.)

Start off at a slow pace. Warm it up. Prepare the sore thighs.

Girl next to me is wearing a sweatshirt. On a treadmill, what’s that about?

We’ll call her “sweatshirt”.
Girl on the elliptical is texting. Seriously? I would fall off. I’ll call her “text”.
I can’t run to this song without wanting to speed up. Which is really annoying on a treadmill.
I wish I could see what’s on the TV. Can I run and turn my head at a 90 degree angle? Ah! Nope, let’s not try that again.
Why have I not taken this song off my exercise list? I always skip it.
Text seems to be looking at me. Annoying, please stop.
There are 3 bikes, and none of them are the same style. Whats up with that?
I’m so f-ing happy they finally replaced our carpets. I need to wash my sheets.
Why do people bring their phones to the gym?
Why do people wear sweatshirts while they’re running? Oh, the mystery.
Running outside on Sunday really spoiled me. This is not fun. Not fun.
On that note….Hey, Winter. We get it. That’s enough.
Spring, Hurry up!!!!
Going home in 3 days! Sweeeeet. 
Eh, I have to pack. I need to make a packing list. 
I should probably call J to make sure he’s still picking me up. 
Weather Forecast: Sunny and 70º. Gooood stuff. I can handle that.
Time check: 12 minutes left. ehhhhhh.
iPod: Find a song that lasts longer than 2 minutes. Settle. Deal. Keeeep goin’.
Final line-up: The Queen & I. Take Your Mama Out All Night. Amsterdam. Free & Easy.

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