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March 10, 2008

Sombreros, Pinatas & Cervezas

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Border Control: “Country of Citizenship?”

Me: “Uh, United States.”

BC: “What was your business in Mexico?”

Me: (Drinking cheap beer, and eating endless bowls of chips & salsa?) “Shopping in the mercado…”
Side note…I didn’t actually buy anything.

BC: “Well where are you bags?”

Me: “Oh I didn’t get anything, but the kid behind me has four piñatas!”

Are you wondering what would somebody do with four piñatas? Me too. But when you’re about 5 beers deep. with a group of good friends, and shopping in Mexico, this is what happens.

I am back in the desert for my Spring Break. Before coming home I spent the weekend with my siblings at their university.  The little sis (L) is a freshman, and my older brother (J) is about a year into getting his MBA. Since this time next year I’ll be working (who knows where), I figured I should take advantage of the opportunity to visit them while they are both still there. 

They only live about an hour away from a border town in Mexico, so we gathered up the troops and took a little day trip. Yes, it feels weird to say I went to Mexico “for the day”.

A group of 9 of us headed down, crossed the border, and spent the afternoon drinking beer (cerveza) at $1.50 each and bargaining down the “Mercado” vendors.  One of J’s friends decided that he collected piñatas (as of that day), so he bought Four of them.  Two of them were the size of a small child, in the shape of Shrek and Mr. Incredible. I’m not even kidding. Other purchases included shot glasses, t-shirts, candy, lamps, large Somebreros and more cerveza.  Some of them have been down there enough in the last four years that one of the waitors from the outdoor restaurant/bar at the Mercado recognizes them and bought us about three free rounds of drinks. Gracias amigos!

This “mexico” isn’t the hotel-lined beach and tropical get-away that some might imagine. Rather, it’s small (tiny) business after small business, with the owners standing outside in an attempt to lure you in. It’s jam packed, dirty streets with bums, noise, beggars, random college students and locals.  It’s knock-off sunglasses, purses and clothes at a mere $5 per item. It’s small bars and restaurants with only 10 tables that serve you mixed drinks for $2 and don’t check your ID. It’s striving to survive and making money off of people like us who don’t mind spending $20 on huge hats and little shotglasses.

It’s a day trip with friends to make for some interesting stories and good times.


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  1. thats for sure, brother

    Comment by Algernonjo — March 24, 2008 @ 3:46 am |Reply

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