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March 23, 2008

This is Me, Running

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For the past few weeks I’ve been doing my “long runs” on campus. There’s a 5K loop around the campus that is used for a lot of different races, and I’ve used it as a basis for my routes. Last week I finally got a little bored with it, so this week I steered clear.

Between the long ones, I run in the gym on the treadmill, because it’s still cold outside. This has not been the smartest strategy. First of all, the only machine that’s not directly in front of a mirror has been broken for the last three weeks. So, I’m forced to stare at myself as I run along. I hate that. Then my eyes start to wander around and I can’t ever find the right thing to focus on. Should I pick a spot and stare at the floor? Boring. Should I try to watch the TV? Helloooo I’m gonna fall. Should I stare at my feet? Dizzyyyy. Should I watch the person behind me on the bike? Ehhh, awkward. Should I try to look outside through the reflection of the window in the mirror?!? Agh.

And let me just say, that when you are running outside for an hour, it’s refreshing. When you are running on a treadmill for five minutes, it feels like an HOUR.

I’ve decided no more treadmill. No matter what the weather this weekend, I have to run 13 miles outside, so I better just get over it now. On Friday I ran outside on my usual trail for the first time in mooonthssss, and it felt Good. I ran longer than I usually do, on a “normal” run, and I wasn’t tired at the end. Ego boost: realizing you have really increased your endurance in a short three weeks.

Today I did one last extended run before the race (on Saturday). Being bored of my campus loop, I stuck around here and just wandered around. I love not having a definite idea of what route you want to take, just giving yourself freedom to explore…..

This is what I found/learned/encountered…

…If it looks like a hill in the car, it feels like a mountain on foot.
…Slow traffic (likely due to the holiday) opens up a lot of possibilities. Like actually crossing that busy street and being able to explore the other side.
…Cops are not so appreciative of you running through the scene of the crime (car accident). Sorry Cops, but you were in the crosswalk. I’m just doing my civil duty and not jay-walking. How ’bout that.
…This little town really is not conducive to safe running. Once you get into the neighborhoods, most of them don’t have sidewalks. Plus the roads are extremely narrow. Bad combination. However…
…Behind the apartment complexes that are across/down the street, there is a HUGE park, and a “dog park”, and a lot of trails. New territory!!
…Even if I’m running, I always have the urge to go inside Target and have a little look around. That’s how much I love that place. Scary.
…Despite the weather; when you wear gloves, your hands get sweaty. When you take the gloves off (because, Ew, sweaty hands), you’re hands Freeze. It’s basic Chemistry. And I’m dumb.
…When you get sick of holding your gloves, don’t throw them in a bush and then forget to retrieve them. Even if they are $1 gloves from Target. Oops.
…There is not one single sidewalk/road/trail within a 10 mile radius of my apartment that doesn’t have a hill. Seriously.
…My pace always speeds up a little bit when each of the “Hairspray” songs on my exercise playlist starts up. I looooove them. And, quite frankly, you Can’t stop the beat.

According to advice from the lovely Miss Sass, the rest of the week will be ‘easy’ runs, loading up on carbs, getting lots of sleep, and (hoping the weather forecast of “Rain” for Saturday is Wrong!) Race Time!!



  1. are the gloves still there ?? heheh i can’t stand the treadmill either !

    Comment by meeemo — March 24, 2008 @ 2:17 am |Reply

  2. That is great you keep on keeping on!!

    Comment by Belinda — March 25, 2008 @ 10:25 am |Reply

  3. Yessss, the gloves are still there. Oops.

    Comment by heatherdc — March 25, 2008 @ 1:11 pm |Reply

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