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April 30, 2008

2 New 22-year Olds

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Things are gettin’ a little crazy over here in our little apt. We’ve had *two* birthdays over the last *two* days, and now have *two 22-year olds* on our hands.

Yah, that’s a lot of twos. Like I said…craazzyyyy.

Both of these kids were out of town on their actual birthday (or most of it), so celebrations have been a little delayed, but are simply being extended. Why not have a full 5-7 day celebration of your wonderfulness? They can’t argue with that.

Em’s official day was Sunday, so she got back from a little one-night trip home around 8. Sally and I had prepared by baking a Funfetti cake (umm, ’cause those are the Best!), wrapping gifts, and whipping out the “happy birthday” banner that’s been in the closet since July. As soon as she got back, we wanted to sing to her, but the cake looked too enticing. So instead we dove right in. Yummyyyy.

LB’s was officially yesterday, but she has been out of town since Saturday. So today was her extended celebration. We bought an ice-cream cake from DQ (omg. forgot how amazing those are.), wrapped her presents and waited patiently for her to get back so we could eat, enjoy, and catch up.

Things don’t stop here. No no no. When birthdays are early in the week, it only means one thing….

We will just have to spend the rest of the week celebrating!

I think if there is any more cake involved I might explode. Ehhh. That will have to be one risk I am willing to take.

A dinner date, a few bar dates, and many-a-picture to follow. Oooh I love birthdays.


In a Dayquil Daze

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Exhausted doesn’t begin to describe my body yesterday. I don’t know what was going on, but it was all I could do to keep my eyes open through every single minute of every class. Then I got to work until midnight, where my head decided it’d be fun to start pounding. Ehhhh.

I didn’t sleep much, increasing the noted exhausted-ness. When I woke up this morning it felt like a car had run over my body at some point throughout the night. Every single muscle was sore and angry. From my neck to my toes. I inched my way to bathroom and took two Dayquil and two Motrins. About 3 bottles of Propel (Berry flavored, yummyyy) and two hours later I finally felt like I could function.

At work: I sit, have a little snack, start studying for my test, and realize….

I feel like I’m drunk. Not sloppy, wasted, *wow* tomorrow is going to suck-drunk. Just a little buzz. Feelin’ a little spacey, like my head is kind of floating and wandering. It wasn’t really a feeling to complain about, but it was a liiittle weird.

I’m not big on taking medicine. I don’t know why, but it just never crosses my mind, and I’m weird about side-effects/mixing things/etc. It’s rare that I get a bad headache, but even when I do it takes me like an hour to think “Oh, maybe I should take a Tylenol or something..”. So, basically, when I do take something, I’m pretty sensitive to it. Which can be good and bad. I guess I won’t be developing an antibiotic-resistance any time soon. Great.

Back to the drunk/dazed/float-y feeling. Maybe I shouldn’t mix Dayquil and Motrin? Maybe Dayquil is just a caffeine drug that makes you forget about the fact that you feel like crap for a few hours? Maybe my body was just like whoa what do you think you’re doing?!

Definitely better than feeling like a train was hitting you head-on all day. Seriously, who gets sick during the last week of class?! at the end of April! During beautiful weather! Gah.

I do not know. But I do know that my mind was in a Dayquil daze today. Interesting feeling….

April 29, 2008

Apartment Searching

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Alright, all you “real worlders” (aka, non-college-ers), I might need some advice.

As mentioned below, I finally found out where I’ll be living/learning/working next year. Which is awesome, and a huge relief, and *whoa*. For the first time in my life, I have to find an apartment, live with people I don’t really “know”, in a city that I’m totally unfamiliar with. And I’m SO exciteddddd.

I’ve done all of the above, just never all at once. I’ve lived in Orlando (internship), and had no idea where I was going for about a month. I knew how to get to and from work, and to and from Target (obviously). That’s about it. But I lived there with LB, and our apartments were provided. Oh, the good life.

I’ve lived with people I don’t know, but someone I did know was always there too (see above). In fact, we lived with 6 other “someones” that we didn’t know. 8 girls, 1 apartment. Yes, I’m crazy. But it turned out to be amazing, and I still love them and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not to say I’d do it again, if I don’t have to, but we live and we learn.

I’ve lived in an apartment for two years (also with LB, and Sally, and Em, hi!). However, I had nothing to do with the selection process. LB said “Hey we have an extra space, want to be our roommate?”, and I said (omg, YES YES YES) “Sure! That’d be awesome!”, and then I made sure that Em could come too. And that was settled. And two years later I refuse to accept that I have to move out in three weeks. We are not talking about that. Oh, college.

Anyway. Now I have to exit this “bubble” of a town and enter the real life. I’m searching for apartments online and hoping that the picture I see isn’t cropped to avoid displaying the rotting property next door, or shot from an angle that makes the “beautiful park in front” look spacious and inviting, instead of the 10 ft square of grass that it actually is.

No, I’m not actually that pessimistic about this process. But this is definitely quite the task to take on while finishing up classes, studying for finals, and packing (which we are not thinking about). Plus, I won’t be able to go down there to actually visit any of these places, which is also hard. Because I happen to be driving across the country in the other direction. Of course. Alas, on goes the apartment search!

Any advice, throw it out there. I’m all ears! (or reading eyes)

April 28, 2008

Classes on Monday

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Monday is easily my longest day of the week. I have three classes, meetings, and work. Ehhhhh.

Sitting through my 9 a.m. this morning was ridiculously tiring. My eyes were constantly falling, and I could not have been less interested in the lecture. Not one bit.

The only thing getting me through this rainy Monday is knowing this is the LAST Monday of the semester. Whoa. And a few other things I have to look forward to in the next couple of weeks…..

Graduating (oh man….)….I’m going to be an Alumni. How old does that sound?? Weird.

Family Vacation….to the happiest place on Earth!

with some Roller-coaster action….I could seriously ride this over & over. All day.

Followed by some cross-country drivin’….Roooooad Trip.

Ending with a summer full of sunsets like this.

I guess I can handle this rainy campus for one more Monday. Gah.

April 25, 2008

The New Do

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My hair hasn’t been “short” in over three years.

All I told hair-crush was that I didn’t want bangs, and I had to be able to pull it up……

This is what my hair looked like last weekend.

This is what my hair looks like now.*

It’s short. It’s bouncy. It’s alive! When my hair gets that long, it starts to feel heavy and ‘dead’ after a while. My head feels so much lighter. I also learned a little lesson last night while I was getting ready: when your hair is short, you use a lot less shampoo. and conditioner. and time fixing it up. It’s lovely.

LB says it makes me look older. Which is good in my case, because I usually get the questionable stare when I hand a bouncer my ID. Add in the fact that it’s from a state across the country, and you get five minutes of me standing there while they decide whether or not I’m actually 21.

We’re starting off the weekend at the Navy Ball tonight. This means two things-I finally get to wear the BCBG dress that I bought in February (Yay!!!!!!), and I get to play around with the new style and see what it looks like all fancyyyy!

In the words of Bobby:

“New haircut. Same attituuude.”

Happy weekending!

*((Apologies for the rectangle across the face. I realized that I’ve never put a picture of myself on this little blog before, and decided I’d keep at least a little ‘annonymity’.
The pic in the “About me” doesn’t show eyes, soooo, these don’t either.))

April 23, 2008

My Hair-cut Crush

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Starting around age 8 and continuing through high school, there had only been one person who cut my hair. Once we started going to her, we never stopped. She did a few things I wasn’t crazy about, but that never changed the fact that I trusted her and only her. Just because.

Then came college.

I chopped it off right before I left home, just for something different. It was kind of a shocker, but I figured at least it would give me time to grow it out. I knew I wouldn’t find somebody I liked as much as her to cut my hair in this little town, so I didn’t really try…..Aside from one disaster freshman year…we won’t get into that. So, I just waited 4 months at a time. My poor locks probably hated me for it, but that didn’t stop me. Plus, what college freshman has the $$ to pay for a decent haircut?  NOT me. Nope nope. The stubbornness set in, and that was that.

Then came Junior year.

SJ’s (roomie) parents had moved to the town officially over the summer.  Her mom was trying to get settled in and figure out her ‘places’. You know, where’s the gym? what will be my favorite grocery store? who will cut my hair?! These are very important priorities. Well, she found a cute little Salon that was only about half a mile up the street from our apartments. We never even knew it was there. It’s hidden in an office building, in a first floor suite.

I had really been wanting/needing a trim.  As much as I did love the lady from home, I finally accepted that she really wasn’t the best.  I trusted her, and was comfortable with her, but sometimes I really didn’t like how it turned out. It was time to step out of the zone, and try something different. SJ’s mom loved this place, so I thought I’d give it a try.

For the first time in my LIFE, I had a guy cutting my hair. He just happened to have an opening the day and time that I wanted my appointment to be, so that’s who I was scheduled with. Obviously I had no preference, since I’d never been to the place before. I thought it would probably be awkward, and that it probably wouldn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it, so I went with a simple “I just need you to even things out”.

Well, well. I could not have been more wrong. He was from Georgia, with a lingering cute little Southern accent. He knew exactly what I wanted once I actually opened up a little bit. He knew exactly how to cut my hair so it would do what I wanted it to. I sat in his chair for almost an hour, as he cut-trimmed-dried-admired-dried-trimmed-perfected. I was in awe.

At home my appointments were never more than half an hour, and she was usually running late. So it was always a little rushed. She even answered her cell phone while cutting my hair one time. Um, yah. Enough said.

When he was finished doin’ his thing, he gave me a mirror and asked my opinion. I LOVED IT. And that’s all I had to say. It’s perfect! Thank you! I love it! I left on a hair-cut high. I was so happy. You know when you can’t stop fondling your own hair? I totally had a hair-cut crush. I couldn’t wait for my hair to grow out a little bit so I could go back again! Plus, I finally knew what it was like to have a quality hair cut. So professional and stylish and faaabulous.

Obviously we now have a hair-cut affair. All of my roomies have gone to him since, and are equally in “love”.   I have an appointment tomorrow, and it will be our last rendezvous, *sigh*. For the first time ever I plan to sit in the chair, and say “Do what you want. I trust you”. Mostly because I just want something different and won’t ever actually go for it, and also because I really do trust him. We’ll see what he comes up with…..

April 21, 2008

As “fate” would have it….

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The class only met once a week, on Monday, from 4:30-5:30. There was little motivation to ever attend, aside from having to sign in. It was usually nice and sunny outside, the perfect time of day for a run, or laziness on the couch.

It had been three straight weeks of Informational presentations, each one featuring a different Internship program. We had begun to hear the same thing over and over; clinical rotation, food-service rotation, community rotation, 10-month program, etc etc etc. There was no reason to think this one would be any different. On top of that, it was in Maryland. I wasn’t looking to live in MD. I never thought I would live in MD (especially not after this disaster, ehhhhh). In fact, I thought I was ready to be back on the West coast. Therefore, MD would clearly be a step in the wrong direction. Right?

Using my better judgement, I went to class….

And it’s a good thing I did! I learned that this particular program had a special rotation. This set it apart from the norm, and would be the deciding factor in becoming my #1 Choice. For 6 weeks the Interns learn about Information Management & Communication. They get to take technology classes to learn how to be super savvy in this ever-evolving world of computers, html, CSS, Microsoft Office, etc. Basically, these people realize that without the knowledge to use technology as a tool for education, you will fall behind in this web-based society. Hello, perfect match!

I put my package together, wrote a kick-ass cover letter (seriously, it was pretty awesome), and had a good feeling about everything. I got the call, scheduled the interview,-and even bought a fabulous pair of shoes-all in one day. I drove there, did my thing (did NOT get lost!), and felt good about the interview. I talked about blogging (clearly I love technology!), writing, etc. I loved it. They loved it.

On February 15 it was all set in stone. Applications were in, and now we could only do one thing: Wait.


Yesterday felt longer than the last 2.5 months of waiting combined, and multiplied by 100. As of 1:01 a.m. we could sign on to the website and learn our fate.


At 1:25 a.m. I still couldn’t get on because the server was too busy. Cue-Crazy Panic Attack.


At 1:30 a.m it let me through. I signed on. I clicked on “View Match Results”.

“You have been matched with _____ in MD.”

Cue- rapid heart beat and HUGE relief and numerous phone calls and jumping around!!!!


And to think, I wasn’t even going to go to class that day……

April 20, 2008

“The Wake up Call”

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I’m starting the week off strong; tomorrow morning I’ll be making my first radio appearance!

From 7-9 a.m., every school day, a small group of students run a radio show, “The Wake Up Call” (90.7 FM). They chat, and joke, and entertain us early risers in the area. A friend of ours (me & the roomies) is one of the DJs, she goes by “DJ Tomorrow”. She holds her own as the only girl, contributing her wit and charm with daily amusing anecdotes and commentary.

Last week, in a random side-note, she mentioned LB & I, and the company that we both did an internship with two years ago. It’s basically how we met (and fell in roomie-love), and we still “work” for them to this day. We had to thank her for the shout-out and she asked if we wanted to come on the show and elaborate. Yesssss!

So tomorrow morning, bright and early, we’ll be driving to campus to make our radio debut. It will be another thing to add to the list of “things I got to do at college”. Never thought I’d be on the radio. Maybe I should come in with a bang and think of my own DJ name. Hmmm, that might be going a little too far.

Alas, another realm of technology to conquer. Happy Monday!

April 16, 2008

Grooming Things

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I’m really not a “product” person. I don’t wear much make-up, I don’t do too many crazy things with my hair, and I don’t do facials or home manis/pedis. I wish I were better about that kind of stuff, and I’m sure my skin does too sometimes. But alas, it’s just not me.

Despite that, I do have a few things that I simply can NOT live without.

Let’s start with “the” face-wash. I have been using the exact same product since my freshman year of high school. I’m not kidding. I love this stuff. I bought it on a whim before our first vacation to Hawaii, and have never gone back. To this day, when I actually pause to take it’s scent (kind of minty, maybe? ) it always reminds me of that trip. So in other words, its my little piece of paradise. Sound dramatic? Yes. But ya know what, I’m obsessed. I love the texture, I love the smell, I love how “Fresh” and clean it makes my skin feel. I can use it twice in a day to remove makeup and my skin doesn’t dry out. It’s woooonderful.

Without further ado…..

Neutrogena\'s Deep Clean Cleanser

My next lover: Mascara. It is the only form of make-up that has never failed me. I always have it on. I don’t do eye-liner, and only put on eye-shadow for “going out” purposes. But Mascara? We’re attached. And here’s a new one for you….I use two different kinds. I have it down to an art. I apply Maybelline’s “Unstoppable” first: it stretches out the lashes and doesn’t clump at all. It’s my “base-coat” if you will. Then, I top it off with L’Oreal’s “Voluminous”, which I’ve had an affair with since day one. It makes your lashes look unbelievable. It can be a little clumpy, so be careful. But ooooh is it lovely when you get it just right.

1) Unstoppable 2) Voluminous

Now, for the hair. I never use anything except Pantene Pro-V. Everything else tends to make my hair a little static, or flat, or greasy, or [insert undesirable hair texture]. Obviously except for Biolage, which is miraculous and smells amazing, but this is reserved for hair-cuts only. Because…$$… I’m a college student. I’ve always used their “Volume” shampoo….and I honestly think I picked this up for the first time because the bottle was purple. Ehhh. But I love it, and it works, and my hair comes out soft and shiny, so this is what I use.

Oh, and on occasion, I use their mousse. This is usually only for “going out”, when I want my hair to cooperate no matter what. I don’t use it daily, maybe I should? But it makes my hands kind of sticky. Although I do like the extra “oomph” it gives. Yes, I like this stuff.

Last, but certainly not least, is the lotion. I am obsessed with Bath & Body Works “Brown Sugar & Fig” for all seasons, the “Warm Vanilla Sugar” for winter/fall smells, and a variety of others for the summery scents. I only buy their Body CREAM. I hate when lotion is watery, this is just the right amount of “thick” and creeeammmyy. Mmmmm.

And these are my every-day “grooming” things. On a $college$ Budget.

April 15, 2008

Early Planning: Avoid too much Midwest

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Pittsburgh, PA →New Mexico.

27 Hours 38 Minutes


That’s how long and how far I’ll be driving this summer in the trusty old SUV, across this country of ours. I’ve never done it before, and quite frankly….I can’t wait. My road trips thus far have included driving along the gulf of Mexico, all the way across New Mexico to Florida. If you think Texas looks big, try driving across it. Then let me know what you think.

After that, as mentioned below, Jack & I made the trip up the East Coast in late May. Hello, gorgy land! Green and warm and sunny and coastal, alllll the way. A whole strip of new states I had never seen….It was beautiful!

Now, the early planning stages for this trip have officially started as of, um, right now. For no good reason, while I was at work today I started Google-mapping my trip. It’s almost 2 months away, but that’s a lot of ground to cover, and I want to do right.

The first route that showed up took me here….


..and that’s when it hit me: this trip will take me across the Midwest. No matter how much I try to avoid it. I’ll be landlocked for 28 hours of driving. No pretty new beaches rocky coasts. Ehhhhh. Plus, I have extended family in a midwestern state, I’ve been there plenty of times. I want to see somewhere new! And I’ve gotten to know Ohio & I-80 quite well in the last few years. Ew.

So I came up with Stop #1 that will change the route: Michigan to see Jack for a few days. Perfect! This time I go…


This is slowly improving. Except I don’t particularly want to drive all the way through Iowa and Nebraska.  Right? Colorado will be beautiful, especially during the summer. No trouble with that.

To change things up I dragged the little dot (if you’ve used Google maps, you know the ‘dot’…) down through Illinois and close to Kansas City, MO. The theory here is that I’ve never really been to Illinois and only seen the Kansas-side of Missouri. So now we have….



Approximately 8 states, 5-6 days, and 28+ hours of driving. Whoooa.

So my question for you: any suggestions of places to stop “along the way”??

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