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April 1, 2008

Airport Role Reversal

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I’ve only had one role at the PIT International Airport: fly home.

I am usually dropped off graciously by Em. At six in the morning. Which, by the way, is before any Starbucks in the area is open, despite my continuous promises that I’ll at least buy her a coffee for the road. Ehhhhh.  But she’s amazing, and she takes me anyway. I get there just in time, because apparently everybody has flights that depart at 8 a.m., and the lines are ridiculous. I know the routine: shoes off, jackets off, everything in a plastic tub, walk slowly through, always have ID and boarding pass. Seriously, I’m a pro.

Today my role is reversed! The tables have turned. I’m not flying anywhere. In fact, I’ll even be parking the car. And patiently waiting at the baggage claim. Picking up two of my best friends from home!

We’re heading straight back to PSU for a full 4 days. Luckily the weather is supposed to be sunny and ‘warm’, so they’ll be fooled (at least for a day) into thinking that we’ve caught up with the rest of the world and ventured into the Spring season. I can only hope that it doesn’t pour down rain for the next 3 days, but uh, well, you just never know. We won’t get our hopes up here in central PA……

Like I said earlier, I can’t wait to show off this beautiful campus. Warm/sunny/spring weather or not, this place is Awesome. And I love it. And I know they will too!


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