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April 10, 2008

We Are…Steppin’ it Up

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Last Fall, the ratings came out; PSU had dropped to the #6 “Party School” in the country. There was an article about it in the campus paper, and one student was quoted saying…..

“I think everyone just needs to step it up.”

Oh, how right you are my friend. And that is exactly what we are doin’ around here. Don’t you worry!

The realization came last week; this semester has flown by, and will be over so very soon. This is not good! We have yet to officially taken our seat at the senior table. Instead, we have been reserving nights “out” for the weekends, and being productive during the week. Clearly this is why PSU is dropping in the ranks.

So, Mr. Penn State, this week we took some action. Last night (wednesday) the executive decision was made; We’re going Out. There was absolutely no reason not to. All semester the goal has been to start going out on weeknights, just because we can should. Obviously we have classes and things to do on Thursday, but why should that stop us? We’re SENIORS. This is our LAST semester to do stupid college things!!

Lucky for us the weather has been beautiful the last few days, so we went to the “Café”, where you can sit outside and people-watch and enjoy your drinks. And that’s just what we did. It was the perfect temp for jeans and a light jacket, and we sat there for hours sipping, chatting, laughing, and wondering why we hadn’t done this sooner. We headed back around midnight (I know. we’re Crazy) and basked in the buzz of a few good drinks and good friends.

Today, we took things one step further.

It was a gorgeous (and sunnyyyy!!!) 65° outside and everyone was floating around on a spring high. I was at work in the lab when I got a text from Em:

Café at 2:30.

See, the agreement all semester has been this-The first day it’s nice outside, drop everything and meet at a bar where we can sit outside (there are a few). No matter what. No excuses.

Well of course the first day it’s nice, my only class is mandatory. I must compromise. I reply that I’ll be there ASAP. At 3:30 I called, and since the Cafe was completely packed (no surprise), they had a table at “Pickles” on the patio. Yesssss.

We sat, and sipped, and talked, and people-watched again alllll afternoon. And it was everything we hoped it would be; a nice afternoon buzz from beer & sunshine. No, this is not the craziest thing any of us have ever done. But it is something we have all wanted to do since Freshman year, after passing these bar patios day after day and longing for our IDs to read “21”.

LB kept the trend going and headed out tonight. As much as I would have loved to join her, I have weekend plans that require me to be on the road & driving by 8 a.m. Not the best mix.

Not to worry, next week I’ll be all refreshed and ready to go again.

Happy weekending readers!! I hope that you too, are stepping it up!


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