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April 15, 2008

Early Planning: Avoid too much Midwest

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Pittsburgh, PA →New Mexico.

27 Hours 38 Minutes


That’s how long and how far I’ll be driving this summer in the trusty old SUV, across this country of ours. I’ve never done it before, and quite frankly….I can’t wait. My road trips thus far have included driving along the gulf of Mexico, all the way across New Mexico to Florida. If you think Texas looks big, try driving across it. Then let me know what you think.

After that, as mentioned below, Jack & I made the trip up the East Coast in late May. Hello, gorgy land! Green and warm and sunny and coastal, alllll the way. A whole strip of new states I had never seen….It was beautiful!

Now, the early planning stages for this trip have officially started as of, um, right now. For no good reason, while I was at work today I started Google-mapping my trip. It’s almost 2 months away, but that’s a lot of ground to cover, and I want to do right.

The first route that showed up took me here….


..and that’s when it hit me: this trip will take me across the Midwest. No matter how much I try to avoid it. I’ll be landlocked for 28 hours of driving. No pretty new beaches rocky coasts. Ehhhhh. Plus, I have extended family in a midwestern state, I’ve been there plenty of times. I want to see somewhere new! And I’ve gotten to know Ohio & I-80 quite well in the last few years. Ew.

So I came up with Stop #1 that will change the route: Michigan to see Jack for a few days. Perfect! This time I go…


This is slowly improving. Except I don’t particularly want to drive all the way through Iowa and Nebraska.  Right? Colorado will be beautiful, especially during the summer. No trouble with that.

To change things up I dragged the little dot (if you’ve used Google maps, you know the ‘dot’…) down through Illinois and close to Kansas City, MO. The theory here is that I’ve never really been to Illinois and only seen the Kansas-side of Missouri. So now we have….



Approximately 8 states, 5-6 days, and 28+ hours of driving. Whoooa.

So my question for you: any suggestions of places to stop “along the way”??



  1. Yes, My Dear, I have ALL SORTS of advice and sugs for driving through The Mighty MO and Kansas! Those are my stompin’ grounds! Altho, I hate to diss my state, but Nebraska is quite lovely and their rate of speed allowed is 85.

    Just realize that the beauty of those flat states is there, really. I miss the BIG SKY sometimes…

    Comment by CuriousC — April 15, 2008 @ 7:14 am |Reply

  2. Sounds like a long, but fun roadtrip! Colorado is beautiful!

    Comment by Sassy — April 16, 2008 @ 4:50 pm |Reply

  3. Well, I wish I could be some help in this area, but being an east coaster all my life, I have not a clue about any of these states, I’ve only seen portions of all of them! But, are you going to try to make it to all the big cities while traveling, St. Louis- Chicago- etc? I am sure there are a TON of great places to see there, I’ve heard of many in both cities! I think it will be a nice trip, and omg, brave, that is a long journey- but it will be a great one, I’m sure! 🙂 hehe! E-mail comin’ attcha tomorrow!

    Comment by Jen — April 16, 2008 @ 5:12 pm |Reply

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