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April 16, 2008

Grooming Things

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I’m really not a “product” person. I don’t wear much make-up, I don’t do too many crazy things with my hair, and I don’t do facials or home manis/pedis. I wish I were better about that kind of stuff, and I’m sure my skin does too sometimes. But alas, it’s just not me.

Despite that, I do have a few things that I simply can NOT live without.

Let’s start with “the” face-wash. I have been using the exact same product since my freshman year of high school. I’m not kidding. I love this stuff. I bought it on a whim before our first vacation to Hawaii, and have never gone back. To this day, when I actually pause to take it’s scent (kind of minty, maybe? ) it always reminds me of that trip. So in other words, its my little piece of paradise. Sound dramatic? Yes. But ya know what, I’m obsessed. I love the texture, I love the smell, I love how “Fresh” and clean it makes my skin feel. I can use it twice in a day to remove makeup and my skin doesn’t dry out. It’s woooonderful.

Without further ado…..

Neutrogena\'s Deep Clean Cleanser

My next lover: Mascara. It is the only form of make-up that has never failed me. I always have it on. I don’t do eye-liner, and only put on eye-shadow for “going out” purposes. But Mascara? We’re attached. And here’s a new one for you….I use two different kinds. I have it down to an art. I apply Maybelline’s “Unstoppable” first: it stretches out the lashes and doesn’t clump at all. It’s my “base-coat” if you will. Then, I top it off with L’Oreal’s “Voluminous”, which I’ve had an affair with since day one. It makes your lashes look unbelievable. It can be a little clumpy, so be careful. But ooooh is it lovely when you get it just right.

1) Unstoppable 2) Voluminous

Now, for the hair. I never use anything except Pantene Pro-V. Everything else tends to make my hair a little static, or flat, or greasy, or [insert undesirable hair texture]. Obviously except for Biolage, which is miraculous and smells amazing, but this is reserved for hair-cuts only. Because…$$… I’m a college student. I’ve always used their “Volume” shampoo….and I honestly think I picked this up for the first time because the bottle was purple. Ehhh. But I love it, and it works, and my hair comes out soft and shiny, so this is what I use.

Oh, and on occasion, I use their mousse. This is usually only for “going out”, when I want my hair to cooperate no matter what. I don’t use it daily, maybe I should? But it makes my hands kind of sticky. Although I do like the extra “oomph” it gives. Yes, I like this stuff.

Last, but certainly not least, is the lotion. I am obsessed with Bath & Body Works “Brown Sugar & Fig” for all seasons, the “Warm Vanilla Sugar” for winter/fall smells, and a variety of others for the summery scents. I only buy their Body CREAM. I hate when lotion is watery, this is just the right amount of “thick” and creeeammmyy. Mmmmm.

And these are my every-day “grooming” things. On a $college$ Budget.


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  1. Oh! I love this post!

    It’s so funny, I just went to B&B yesterday and got a new loofa (loofah, loooooofah.. you know what I mean .. hehe) and some mini spritzes! For only 4 for $10.00, I got to try some new summer scents.. and one of them was Brown Sugar & Fig! I can’t wait to wear it!! I was still wearing my B&B Vanilla (great minds think alike) early this week and I thought.. I need something lighter.. and so off I went to B&B! I also got Cherry Blossom, Wild Orchid and their cucumber and minty mix (whatever the name may be)… so I feel ready for summer with my new smells! šŸ™‚

    Ok, it’s been one of those days, but I have my e-mail back to you in the works (1/2 done! Woot). Full e-mail coming to you tomorrow! Have a good night- J šŸ™‚

    Comment by Jen — April 17, 2008 @ 4:23 pm |Reply

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