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May 5, 2008

One Down

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Helloooo Finals week.

I just finished what was supposed to be my “hard” final, and it’s only 9 in the morning. It started at 8 (ughhh), and I was done within an hour. I’m notorious for being the first person done, and I haaate it. So sometimes I just sit there and wait until somebody else gets up. Actually, I do this every time. Who knows why.

Anyway, that puts me at: 1 down, 1 to go! Seriously. ONE final Exam, and then I’m done with college! Weird feeling. It shouldn’t even be that bad because our teacher writes the study guide after  she writes the exam. It’s perfect. She basically gives us the test. Lovely.

After I work today me and LB are goin’ down to grab a Margarita and celebrate my desert heritage (ehhh, or something like that) and Cinco de Mayoooo. I’d say there could be an argument as to why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo in this country, but then again, why do they celebrate the 4th of July in Cancun? And on that note, how do I know they celebrate the 4th of July in Cancun? My family was there last summer. Ponder that one. And I guess we don’t really “celebrate” it, so much as use it for an excuse to eat more tacos and have festive drinks. No complaint there.

Anyway! I think it’s a pretty awesome way to start off the week. I’m pumped for some Mexican comida (food) and bebidas (drinks). Yummyyy.

((also, hop over and visit LB. She’s got a lot going on over there, and some really cute pics 🙂 xoxo))


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  1. Yay for the end of finals (and college)! And cinco…a great excuse for Mexican food and margaritas. I’ll be celebrating for sure.

    Comment by Sassy — May 5, 2008 @ 12:33 pm |Reply

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