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May 6, 2008

Pile by Pile

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Confession: I am a huge pile-maker.

I don’t make huge piles. I just make them over and over. I clean them up, and I make them again in the same spot. They mainly take over two places: my desk, and the space next to my bed. Well, plus the bookshelf above my desk. But that’s going to take a whole day of devotion. Because then I’d have to also go into how I save EVERYTHING from my classes. Which I proceed to NEVER look at again. Until I throw it away. Gah.

Knowing that I have to pack up my room next week means that these piles need to be gone. They consist of pretty useless stuff, so this isn’t a big problem. However, I have to look at everything before I throw it away, because the theory here is that I saved these things for a reason. “Theory” being the key word in that sentence. Why do I have the syllabus from last semester’s class? Why do I have grocery receipts from February? Why do I have notes from my Elective sophomore year?! This could go on for a while….

Tonight I cleared off my desk and nightstand. Tomorrow I might move up to the bookshelf, but that is a daunting thought. Maybe I should study for that last final instead? Ehhhh, I’ll take the non-existent option 3 please.

I did finally put away the laundry I did on Friday. We’re making progress.


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  1. I feel you on the piles. When I actually find time to organize things, I find myself saying “why the hell did I think I needed to save THAT?!”

    Comment by Sassy — May 6, 2008 @ 12:12 pm |Reply

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