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May 22, 2008


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Epcot is one of the four parks that make up “Walt Disney World” in Florida. Here’s a little history for ya….

It actually stands for Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow. As usual, Mr. Disney (aka Walt) had quite the vision in mind.  He wanted the property to be circular (huuuge), and split right down the middle. One half of the park would consist of an actual community, while the other would consist of facilities used for research to further our knowledge and use of technology.  He literally wanted the community to be in the know, and moving forward.

The final plans for the park turned out quite differently.  Clearly it is not actually populated, and therefore not an actual “community”.  However, it is still split into two very different themes; Future World, and the World Showcase. Half of the park revolves around things happening now, emerging technology, and things that have yet to happen (i.e. a trip to Mars, via the ride “Mission:Space”).  The other half is just what it sounds like-a world showcase.  Set around a circular lake, there are 12 different areas that represent 12 different countries/regions from all over the world. Walking around, you start in on one side in Mexico (where the food is aaaawesome, take it from somebody who knows!!) and end on the other side in Canada.  In between, you walk through Norway, China, Africa, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, France and England.  It’s quite an experience.

So today, I traveled “the world” and saw the “future”.  We had some delicious Mexican food, indulged in some fudge from Germany, ate dinner on the Boardwalk, had drinks in Morocco and France, and ended the night with the amazing fireworks show “Illuminations”.

Packed between dinner and drinks and fireworks we did some serious people watching. Partly because we were exhausted from the day, but partly because in a crowded park…it’s hard to resist. Let me tell you, some interesting things are witnessed at these parks. Three little girls spent about half an hour in a condensed area playing “hide and seek”, and driving their parents craazzyyyy while they were trying to enjoy some frozen margaritas.  A little boy was on one of those oh,so-attractive leashes disguised as a stuffed-animal-backpack (I don’t think that fools the kid….) and he walked in circles tangling himself up. Very entertaining. Then he jumped around while his dad (and the leash) tried to keep up. Another group of, um, elderlies….had a motorized-wheelchair train going. Yes, a train. They were literally stacked one behind the other, with a walker sandwiched in the middle. We may have laughed out loud as they passed, ehhhh.

Next stop-my faaaavorite….the Magic Kingdom. 🙂


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  1. first off, your knowledge of the park is quite formidable… i had no idea that EPCOT meant. Also i laughed a little imagining the “elderly train”…. lets not forget the time you and your sister caused the rascal collision. Actually, knowing the driving patterns of the elderly, it was most likely not your fault

    Comment by peter — July 16, 2008 @ 1:56 pm |Reply

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