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May 27, 2008

I will always want Ruby Red slippers

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And are they really slippers? I think they are ruby-red pumps, and Dorothy was just a little ahead of her time..

Last night Jack & I watched “The Wizard of Oz”.  It was one of my favorite movies growing up, and my halloween-turned-dress up costume for yearssss. The dress came fully equipped with those famous slippers and a basket that perfectly fit my mini-Toto.  Seriously, it was fashionable. I even had arm-candy to trick-or-treat with; my mom’s best friend’s daughter (10 years older) went as Glenda the (good) witch of the North. Good times.

It’s amazing what I still remember from the long lost days of watching that movie every single morning. I know the lyrics to (almost) all the songs, and will gladly give you the sing-along experience.  I remember the munchkins popping out of the eggs and walking out of the hut doors that even they had to duck to go through (um, weird).  I remember the poisonous poppy plants and the snow that woke Dorothy, and I remember the “horse of a different color” along with the classy Salon that pampered the famous four-some. I still get creeped out by the flying “monkeys” and the guards wearing two-ft tall furry hats with the deaths spears.  I still love the opening scene where they are on the farm, and the closing scene where you realize that her friends from Kansas made up the characters in Oz.  And I still want my own pair of Ruby-Red slippers. 

What do I not remember? Surprisingly, quite a few things. I don’t remember her friends (“Hunk”, “Zeke” and “Hickory”) talking about things in the first scene that will define their characters in the world of Oz.  For example–Hunk is the Scarecrow in her dream, the guy who wants his own brain. While Dorothy is complaining about the neighbor disliking her little dog, he says (something along the lines of) “If you had a brain, you would just avoid her house on your way home”.  Ooh, so clever. 

I guess as a 5 year old you don’t pick up on little clues like that, you are much more concerned with that evil witch and the fact that Glenda keeps showing up in a bubble. And learning the words to all the songs so you can make your little sister play along while you get to be Dorothy (of course) and she will play all the other characters to even things out. 🙂  


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  1. that was a good night! one of few musicals that i actually enjoy… that and the Man of La Manche

    Comment by peter — July 16, 2008 @ 1:45 pm |Reply

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