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May 30, 2008

One more trip

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Today marks the last leg of the journey. I am finally headed to the airport to go home. 

The last 2+ weeks have been spent doing a lot of moving, packing, unpacking, traveling, etc. I hate (hate!) living out of a suitcase, so I make sure to get everything out and get “settled” wherever I am.  

I’ve gone from PA–>FL–>Jack–>back to PA, and now I’m headed across the country to the Southwest. Gah. It already feels like it’s been at least a month (instead of only 2 weeks) since graduation, and moving and all that jazz. Makes me wonder how “old” I’ll feel next Fall when I make my first trip back for a football weekend. Ehhhh. 


On another note, I’ll be spending approximately 3 hours in the Chicago airport today.  I don’t really mind lay-overs, mostly because big airports have a lot of places to explore and weird people to watch.  As long as I can resist spending ridiculous amounts of money on a snack or a magazine, I’m good to go. 

Today I’ll be looking for a Sports bar, so I can sit down, have a drink and possibly watch my cousin on ESPN. Why would my cousin (13-yrs old) be on ESPN? Well, well. Interesting story. He’s in the semi-finals for the National Spelling Bee for the, ummm, 4th? year in a row. Every year the finals are televised Live by ESPN, and every year I am baffled by this. Are people really spending their afternoons watching this? Is there honestly nothing more exciting that could be covered by a Sports Network? Apparently not. And I’ll be that person, actually watching the Spelling Bee. Oh man. 

Oh yah, and it’s Friday? I feel out of the loop. Buuut I do know about one thing- Sex & the Cityyyy!

Happy weekend!!!




  1. i have missed all of my chances to see a Penn State football game… do you think i can accompany you for your glorious return to happy valley to watch Penn State destroy whoever they are playing?

    Comment by peter — July 16, 2008 @ 1:41 pm |Reply

  2. plus, i love to see my name on your agenda!

    Comment by peter — July 16, 2008 @ 1:42 pm |Reply

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