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June 1, 2008

Traveling with Owen

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I put my bag over-head and plopped down in my coveted aisle seat. Yet despite my position, I found myself sandwiched. Mom & baby by the window, man with a cat across the aisle. And I’m thinkin…hmmm, this could be a loooong four hour flight….

As we took off, the cat took her position under the seat in her little cat-carrier (that thing better be comfortable, because awww pooor kitty!). We didn’t hear from her for the rest of the flight. Impressive.

What’s more impressive? Owen didn’t cry once, not once!, the whoooole flight.

Who’s Owen? The 14-month old traveling in the window seat next to me. Actually, traveling in his mom’s lap & the middle seat & the floor between me and his mom. All the while plotting an escape under my legs and into the rest of the plane-world. Sorry Owen, not gonna happen.

But seriously? Barely over a year old, and probably a better traveler than half of the adult-people on the flight. He was perfectly content with his “Count the ladybugs” and “Dino puzzles” books, and his race car, and my iPod headphones, and pushing the on/off button for the overhead light, and repeatedly handing me the seatback magazines (always curious to see the new(?) things in the Skymall, right? ehhh) so that he could take them out and put them back in.


He had staring contests with me and he was relentless. Those big baby blue eyes did not blink once. Not once! Nice work little man.

Before we took off I was mentally preparing myself for a few screams, some tantrums, some ewwww smells from the diaper, etc. I was not expecting the little guy to make my flight much more entertaining. I also wasn’t expecting him to stick my headphones in his mouth, but we had to compromise.


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  1. Aw! You got lucky… I’ve had the worst plane experiences.. and when you sit next to nice people… it makes things all the more relaxed. I’ve sat next to a few chatty cathy’s in my travles and it’s the worst. I mean, how do you politely tell someone you care more about your US Weekly then about all their cats or kids or whatever! It’s the worst.. and NO LIE.. last trip home from AZ last year, I sat next to a guy who smelled like he peed all over himself… it was the most horrible plane ride of my life.

    Too graphic? Sorry. But, seriously it was gross!
    Little Owen sounded lovely and a cute little kiddo is way better then too chatty or a grown up who dosen’t properly know how to use the restroom. Yuck! 🙂

    Comment by Jen — June 5, 2008 @ 9:45 am |Reply

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