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June 10, 2008

The story of Casey H

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As soon as I’m done with school and the traveling/summer/relaxing begins….so does the reading!

I’ve confessed this before; I LOVE LOVE loooove to read. Usually it’s just books that my Mom recommends-she does about ten times more reading than I do-and I trust her judgment for the most part. If she says I’ll like it, 9 times out of 10 I love it.

We both have to have something to read on a plane, to keep us busy and attempt to make the time go by faster. So when my parents were traveling up to PA for my graduation, I was pretty excited to get this text from the Madre…

“I have a new ‘plane’ book for you”

….yay! Just in time for a trip down to FL, and a savior from the book I was currently reading. I attempted a Jane Austen novel, and um I’m not gonna lie….I couldn’t do it. I love the movies, and I love the stories themselves, buuut….something about the fact that sentences last for paragraphs (maybe pages!) and the dialogue is often hidden within the sentence (making it very hard for me to who was/wasn’t talking and when this was going on….ehhhh) and about 25 pages in I was already getting confused by all the characters….I just couldn’t do it. I was bored. I’d only be able to read about 10 pages at a time before I had to take a break. Basically I had started it in March, and made it about half way through two months later. Not a good sign.

Anyway! New book from Mom-for the summer-good stuff. I didn’t start it until last week when I got home, and I finished it tonight. That’s how you know it’s a good one. I was completely intrigued by each character and their separate stories and thoughts and lives. I was itching to know what was going to happen page after page and who was going to end up with who and how each story tied into the next.

So here I am, making my official recommendation. Read this book! It’s well written and it’s an “easy read”. Within the first 50 pages you are involved.

Free Food for Millionaires

by Min Jin Lee

The story of Casey Han…her life as a Korean-American living in NYC and surviving as a 20-something. She struggles with money, relationships, family and deciding what to do with her life. Who can’t relate to that?! It’s eye-opening to read and learn about her culture, the values and lives of her family, and how she copes with it all.

Go get it. Right…now. And then let me know what you think!


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