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June 10, 2008

Three Days of…Busy!

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Whew, I survived my first three day weekend. And I think I still remember what I’m supposed to do at work tomorrow. Good, right? Right.

The wedding on Saturday was GORGEOUS. It was held at an “Event Center” that is literally located in the middle of nowhere in a beautiful mountain state. It was outside, which I was not anticipating. So…um, I left my sunglasses in the car. And for the 6 o’clock ceremony, with the sun setting slowly to the left, they would have been much appreciated. But I surivved. sans sunburn-which is truly the amazing part.

It was relatively small, and completely beautiful. It’s SO weird to watch one of your friends say her vows and get Married….but it apparently means you get to see all sorts of friends you haven’t talked to in the last four years and catch up and take lots of pictures and have some wine with and allllll that good stuff.

Four of us got a hotel room in the near-by “mountain town” that’s about 45 minutes from home.  Oh, and apparently so did about half of those in attendance. We showed up to a bar, still in wedding gear (i.e. dresses, heels, looking snaazzzzyyyyy) and within about an hour the place was packed with wedding people..including the bride & groom themselves! FUN Fun fun.

Anywayyyyy. Sunday was spent driving home, catching up on sleep, eating good Mexican food (oh. YUM.), and getting sunburned while taking an afternoon walk with Mom. You know, good day. Ending with a movie and sleepover with my buddy from Hawaii whom I haven’t seen in like 2 years. The kind of friend that you just have to stay up with for hours talking, and catching up, and laughing, and looking at ridiculous pictures from high school….commenting on  the horrible choice of clothes and the laughable, but somehow still enjoyable, choice of CDs. These are the nights…..

And now it’s Tuesday and time for my work week to start. Back to the schedule, back to the money-makin’, and back to waitin’ for Friday night.


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  1. Aw! This sounds like SO much fun!
    A good weekend!
    I am JUST NOW catching up on all your blogs!
    Shameful!! 🙂 So sorry I’ve been MIA!

    Comment by Jen — June 16, 2008 @ 9:14 pm |Reply

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