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June 12, 2008

An Unexpected Day OFF

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As a part of my screening process last Monday, I had to get a TB skin test. This being because they don’t want diseased people infecting the already-ill throughout the hospital. However rare TB is….we must be tested. And not just once, no no….twice.

Guess what they do for this special little test….

The only thing they can do….inject a (very VERY) small amount of the TB antigen itself right into your poor little arm. With a needle. Yup yup. Fun stuff. Then, as we were told, “within a few days”, you have to go back and get it read (checked) by the nurses.

Somebody should always specify what they mean by “a few days”. Because apparently, what they actually meant was 48 hours. And past that, nothing is accurate. Nothing. Ehhhh. My logic=Clearly I do NOT have TB, because my arm didn’t freak out from this little dosage. Well…apparently that wasn’t enough to convince them that I’m just fine.

Instead, my supervisor was contacted due to the fact that I did not go back and get my arm “read” within the 72-hr MAX. And that means I might have TB. And that means I can’t work! Well, I can’t work until I have another test and I go get it checked WITHIN 48-72 HOURS (not days…). So I marched myself back down the Nurse station, got another dose of TB injected into my arm, and now I wait…because it can’t be read until Friday. Gah.

Point of this story–now I have today off! Which obviously works out pretty nicely, because ummm who doesn’t enjoy a random day off? I do! When you work 10 hours in a day, you come home and do preeetty much Nothing. So I made myself a “to-do List”, which I love doing (in fact, I’ll probably cross it off the list. To-do list made….CHECK). And I will get things done. And then I’ll enjoy some afternoon sunshine. And then maybe even an afternoon run. Followed by a late-afternoon drink while i cook up something delicious for dinner. Mmm hmmm. Lovely.

I wasn’t supposed to have today off, but since there’s a possibility that I am deathly ill with TB an nobody was aware…. I can’t work until my arm tells everybody otherwise. Til then…..

(( I do feel as though I should mention that I’m not by any means mocking the health care system. I am fully aware that you can have TB and not know it, and yes, that would be very bad. Very bad. So I am happy to spend 48 hours outside of the hospital until they know I’m good and healthy. 🙂 ))


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  1. Ah, a day off…I want a day off. Good thing it’s FRIDAY!

    Comment by Sassy — June 13, 2008 @ 1:37 pm |Reply

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