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June 19, 2008

The Hole in My Closet

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I currently have, in my possession (on loan from one of my bestest buddies), ALL Six seasons of Sex & the City.

My mom saw the movie and actually liked it (which shocked me a little bit), so I’m making her start from Day 1. So far so good, although I did forget how…umm…risqué?… the first few episodes are. A little awkward for Mom-bonding time, but whatev. All in the name of a fabulous show, right? Right.

Watching the girls shop, and be in fabulous clothes, and strut around in their Manolo’s….just a small reminder of the fact that there is absolutely NO decent shopping to speak of within at least a 100 mile radius of this town. Seriously. You think I’m exaggerating…I am Not. The closest decent malls are at least 3 hours away, and the closest amazing malls are about 6-7 hours. Depending on which direction you go (Denver, Phoenix, Dallas….you know). This is the only problem with the West Coast. Everything is soooo freakin spreeead out. Cities are not within an hour or two of each other, you can’t just hop around on a train and get somewhere as soon as possible. It just doesn’t work like that. Apparently the early settlers decided they had a lot of space to work with, and they might as well take advantage of it. And they did just that.

Anyway! I’m getting side-tracked. I had this sudden urge to go shopping today. I wanted a cute new dress (although Target can sometimes satisfy a bargain-craving…it just doesn’t do the trick every time). I want some fun new summery tops. I want big stores, and lots of choices.

Even watching “What Not to Wear” this morning got to me (yes! I finally figured out what time it comes on here. Oh, math+time zones. Gah).  All those shops and $5,000 to spend and cute cute cute clothes!! TLC-what are you doing to me?! Not fair.

I’ve resorted to some online shopping tonight, which I’m totally in love with. Browsing page after page without moving a muscle. Genius. And clicking ‘Add to My Cart’ over and over….essentially just creating a wishlist that will dissappear as soon as I close the browser and forget about it.    It’s not going to satisfy any of the above “cravings”, but it’ll at least subdue them for now.


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