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June 20, 2008

The homework continues…

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At the beginning of last month (whooa, how long ago does that feel?! gah) I was handing in my last papers, assignments and tests. I was finishing college, and savoring the sweet sweet feeling of being done.

…….or so I thought…..

Turns out, the homework? It doesn’t stop. Oh, no. Instead, it has taken over my last two days off. Turns out, I’m not even close to being done. Not just yet.

For my internship next year we have ‘summer assignments’.  I knew this.  What I didn’t know? Well, first off I didn’t know one of them is due tomorrow. Or at least I didn’t know this until about three days ago. Surprise! We got a huge packet in the mail a few weeks ago, and I looked over the “Due dates” at least three times. I was making sure that I was seeing things right….we had one assignment due June 9th, and no more due until July 1st. Wrong. Apparently I was mistaking a “June 20th” for a “July 20th”. Or maybe my eyes were only seeing what they wanted to see. It’s a mystery.

Regardless, there is a three-page assignment due tomorrow. Good thing I discovered this on Tuesday, because it required going to the grocery store and recording & comparing prices, searching for “alternatives” to certain things, and a little bit of taste-testing (not the good kind. the kind where you decide which salt substitute tastes even a liiiittle bit like salt. Ehhhh.).  Not exactly the kind of thing you can get done over-night.

So my mom and I spent about half an hour in the grocery store yesterday, doing ‘research’. Then I spent a little time last night, and the majority of today (in spurts, because my attention span for homework post-graduation is apparently umm….non-existent?) working on this assignment.


It’s my own fault. I never expected these to be ‘easy’ assignments, that would defeat the purpose of learning from them so that certain situations next year don’t send us into a full panic attack. Some of them are lengthy, and some of them will take me all of about five minutes.  I just didn’t think about how much i wouldn’t want to be doing homework during the summer. But alas, the homework continues…..


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