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June 23, 2008

Running uphill against the wind

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Don’t worry, that’s not a metaphor for my life. It’s just what I did this morning

A work day starting at 9 feels like sleeping-in to me. And instead, my body decided to wake up on it’s own at the regular 6:15 a.m. I’ve always had that “internal” alarm clock. Although it’s not flawless (very far from it), it does surprise me sometimes.

Like this morning. When I was awake and alert at an early hour, when I certainly did not have to be. So I took advantage of the extra morning time, and the cooler morning temperatures. I went for a run. I decided to try out a new route, one that was being mapped out in my head as I went. That will either make your run seem  a little bit shorter because of the adventure feeling….or it will make it seem painfully long because you realize “Ehh, this is a lot harder than I expected.”. This morning was somewhere in the middle. But do-able.

Random: We went and saw “Get Smart” last night. Hilarious. Three thumbs up (oooh, take that Ebert)! Seriously, we were all laughing so hard. And I must admit, Mr. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one good lookin’ fella. I find it kind of hard to take him seriously, because..umm..he was “The Rock”. And now he’s an “actor”. Hmmmm.  Plus, how can you resist anything with Steve Carell (we’re going to forget about “Evan Almighty” here…) ?! Aaand Anne Hathaway. She’s so cute. Yup–good stuff, great movie, good laughs.

For my next three days off-starting tomorrow-I’ve decided my Mom & I have a project….re-doing the Study. It’s awful. Seriously. If I get really into it, I might even take before-and-after pics. We’ll see how that goes. I haven’t had a decorating project in quite some time. Living in a furnished apartment with limited time (and moneyyyy) really puts some restrictions on what you’re able to do.  So instead, I’ll spill my creative juices on our downstairs, and see how it turns out. 😉 And I loooove decorating/rearranging/all that stuff. And it probably means another trip to Target!


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