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June 25, 2008

I don’t even have clubs…

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Golf clubs. I don’t have them. Why would I use them? Well, I wouldn’t. So instead, I’ll borrow them. Just for today.

My Dad loves to golf-he’s pretty good at it actually, winning a few tournaments here and there. On one of his days “off” you can always find him at the golf course, and if there’s any major tournament going on (Tiger is a cutie, that’s all I know about “major tournaments”) then he’s definitely watching it on TV.

My older brother and younger sister (yup, I’m in the middle) have both started to aquire some….hmm…skills? They go to school together and have hit the course up a few times.

Where does this leave me? It leaves me as the last child, of us three, who hasn’t picked up the sport. I’m the only one who has Never walked an entire golf course. Although, I do feel like I should acknowledge that I have traveled an entire golf course… the cart. My sis and I used to go with my dad on Sunday afternoons, just so we could “drive” the cart. Before you have a driver’s license, this was the next best thing!! I got such a kick out of driving those small white things all around. With one universal key that started all of them, it’s a wonder I didn’t just run off with one to have for my own. Nothing was stopping me….if you think about it…..except morals, maybe? Yes, that must’ve been it. Geeze, such a good kid.

Anywayyyy. My Dad and I both have the day off tomorrow…sooo…I have finally agreed to a game. There’s a Par 3 course here, and thats as far as we’re goin’ right now. Don’t want to get too crazy over here. I’m assuming my score will be around..oohh, you know…the 90s….maybe 100s? Yah, that sounds about right.

I’ll keep ya posted on that….



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  1. How’d it go? love the sport. even after i played horribly the other day…got the itch to do it some more!

    Comment by Mike — June 26, 2008 @ 9:33 pm |Reply

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