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June 27, 2008

The spoiled Haircut-ee

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After some investigating, I found a new Salon here at home that has a good reputation (among the Madre’s friends). In need of a hair cut, I decided to check it out. I will say I was a little apprehensive, as we all know that I loooved (and to remind you…had a little crush on…) the guy who cut my hair at school. But, someday I have to move on. *sigh*

I got there a little bit early, and she took me in right on time. One point for the new girl (sidenote: it’s a little weird having a girl cut your hair after finally getting used to the guy…hmmm). While she washed my hair, she gave me a head massage. Uhhh….10 points! Here I am just trying not to fall asleep before I have to get up and move to a different chair. Soooo relaxing.

I tell her exactly what I want, she gets it. She goes to work. As she does different things, she gives me a little tutorial on why and what it will do for my hair. Kinda weird, nobody has ever explained technique to me. I don’t really care, as long as I don’t look like a chainsaw was taken to my head. But okay, interesting.

Things are generally going well. She did seem like she was kind of rushing it though. The Crush used to allot an hour for every appointment. He usually “cut” for about 30, dried, and then “polished up” for about 10. She cut for about 10-15, and then drops the bomb….

Okay, I’m done with the cut for now, so I’m just going to stick you under the dryer and switch you out with her (other woman, who is currently ‘under the dryer’) and finish up her style really quick! Is that okay?!  Then I’ll finish your style. Alright!

Umm, was any of that a question? Do I get a choice of being shoved into that scary dryer thing?? Nope, I sure don’t. Seriously, those things kinda freak me out. And they make your head reallyyy hot! Not cool. But the next thing I know I’m sitting underneath the heat wave, with my hair slowly drying, flipping through a Glamour magazine.

One question–what is the purpose of making an appointment, when you are just being ‘switched out’ anyway?! Couldn’t I just walk in and say–

Hi I’m here! So, whenever you are ready to dry that person’s hair I’ll just slip right in. Okay?!

Gah. The only good thing was that I was flipping through a Glamour. The new one. Sweeet.

So once my hair is dry and she’s “ready” for me again, I hop back in the chair. She starts to finish drying my hair and using that big curly brush thing (SO scared of those. I always get my hair stuck in the little ones.). She starts styling it, which I do appreciate. When a guy cuts your hair you kind of skip this step, seeing as they don’t really “style”. Or at least, my crush didn’t. But I loved him anyway and my hair somehow always looked like he had styled it. Hmmm, maybe he was sneaky about it and I didn’t even realize he was doing it. Oooh! Never thought about that. Anyway! Mid-styling, her cell phone rings.

And she ANSWERS it.

Okay, I hate when stylists are ‘fitting me in’ along with somebody else. But guess what I hate even more? When they answer their f-ing cell phones. Guess who never did either of these things?? The crush.

Ugh, I am so spoiled.

In the end, my hair looks cute, the “style” is cute, and I did get a little head massage. She was super nice, and easy to talk to (important characteristic. Otherwise I feel very awkward just sitting in silence while somebody is in charge of how I will appear when I walk out….).

I’m totally satisfied, but just a little irritated. And left wondering….will I ever find somebody as wonderful as the Crush?


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  1. Yep, the absolute worst thing about moving – having to find new hair/nail people and doctors. I wish there was an easier way to find the BEST, for you. If I had my way, I’d live in Omaha again – I loved my stylist, my nail chick, my gen Prac… sigh.

    Comment by CuriousC — June 27, 2008 @ 11:08 am |Reply

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