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July 2, 2008

Just a few rain drops

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I’ve been home for over a month, and today…for the first time…it rained.

The night sky has been a dark grey for the past week or so, teasing us with the smell of rain, but never delivering. I thought after four years of Pennsylvania weather, I would never care if I felt rain again. I forgot what the desert can do to you…..

Just the smell made me wish it would just start spontaneously pouring. As much as I actually hate when it does that (what if you’re out?! what if you forgot your umbrella and you get soaked?! what iiiiif? ugh.), I do miss the rain.

I spent most of the morning sitting on our deck with my crossword and my new book. It was a clear blue sky and a verryyyy warm 100 degrees. Around three o’clock the clouds started rolling in from the North. I could smell it. Fresh rain, on its way. The lightning was going, the wind started up–everything in the mix for the perfect summer storm.

This is what makes the desert so different. It was like two completely different days. Morning-hot desert sun, no wind and not a cloud in sight. Then….all of a sudden, it’s there.

My Mom and I decided to go for a walk, hoping (actually, assuming) it wouldn’t rain. Since, uh, it never does.

As we finished and started walking up the hill to our house, I was a little disappointed. I thought maaaybe, just maybe, we would get at least a few drops. And I said “I’m kinda sad it never rained…”.

Cue: HUGE rain drops. Falling. On me. Yesssssss.

It started dripping, and then actually raining. Huge, huuge rain drops. Coming straight down and dotting the sidewalk. It was beautiful. In perfect desert fashion, it lasted about 2 minutes, and stopped. But, oh, did it feel good.


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  1. I’ll trade you. I don’t think we’ve got a single day in the past month where it didn’t rain. Ridiculous.

    Comment by Playful Professional — July 2, 2008 @ 9:46 am |Reply

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