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July 3, 2008

Honest to Golf

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The truth? Ugh, I’m no good.

I went out for the second time today with the padre. We were joined by my brother and his gf. She’s my buddy and not great either, but she definitely beat the crap out of me (we weren’t actually keeping score, but I know I did Not do good. Oh, no.).

I’m trying. Really reallyyyy trying. Golf is, um, reallyyy hard. Nobody warned me of this. I didn’t think it was super easy, but gaahhh.

My Dad is serving as my coach, it’s his natural tendency. He’s pretty darn good at this golf thing, so I’m taking the advice as it comes. But there’s just so damn much to think about. This is generally how my thoughts would read, before EACH swing (tee off, hit, chip, putt, whateeever)…..

“Watch the ball..”
“Use your hips, and rotate with your back…”
“Keep your shoulders straight….”
“Don’t swing with your hands…”
“Let your left hand pull through…”
“Keep your hands in front of the ball…”
“Left hand on top, wrap your right around”
“Visualize your swing…”
“Don’t swing too hard, let the club do the work…”
“Follow through in one line…”
“Swing down, hit the ball…not the dirt under the grass, or the air above it…”
“Aim with your feet and the rotation of your hips…”
“Push the weight off your right foot, and end with it on your left…”
“Don’t stand up while you swing, stay low, don’t lock your knees…”

Yes. I’m totally serious. I have learned that ALL of these things are what makes a golf swing good. Or great, if you’re lucky. Usually I’m not, but every once in a while I get this freak-beautiful-shot that goes into the air and sails right to where it’s supposed to be. Ah, what a feeling. Watching that stupid white round thing fly.

Don’t even get me started on the ‘putt’. It’s completely different. But I’m not too bad in that area.

I’m not giving up just yet, although I did “quit” a hole or two today. Ehhhh. Oops. I’m not proud of this, but ya know what? The course was busy and people were behind us and that stressesss me out. So, instead, I just picked up that little white ball and walked it up to the green. Things are much easier that way.

No, really though. I will keep going. I’ll get better. In the words of my very wise Padre, “You didn’t learn to play the piano by just doing scales. But you did have to start with them.” (in reference to why I need to go to a driving range so I can get used to my ‘swing’). Gotcha’ Dad. You’re a good teacher, so I’ll keep practicing, and I’ll get there. I may not have your 12 handicap anytime soon…..the goal for now is just to hit the ball every time I swing. That’s not too much to ask, right? Ehhhh.


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