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July 18, 2008

Makin’ a list…

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We’re hittin’ the road around 1:30, and of course I have yet to pack. I did make a list though, last night.  It’s no surprise that for only two days, I have allll kinds of things I want to bring. Mostly because…a) we don’t know exactly what we’re doing Saturday night yet. Nice restaurant? Casual dinner & beer? Casino?? A girl has to be prepared you know….and b) I don’t know what kind of accomodations our hotel-cabin-thing will have. I’m thinking I need to bring stuff for breakfast, since most ‘continental’ breakfasts don’t start at 4 a.m. Will they have a little coffee maker? Should I pack a toaster? Ehhh, that’s definitely never been on the ‘list’ before. Hmmm.

I have my running out fit all set out. I’ve worn the same thing for the last 3 long runs, after discovering what works/what doesn’t. Last time I was training it was about 35-40 degrees outside. That made it pretty easy to decide what I didn’t want to wear. Now, I’m in 80º dry air…things have changed a little bit. After some trial and error, I figured it out.

A few days ago at the hospital I was looking for something to read while I took a little break. People donate magazines all the time, so basically every waiting-room/lounge area is full of quite a variety.  I picked up a “Runner’s World” from Sept 07 (whoa, old).  Why have I not read this before?! I love it!! I do remember scanning through one a looong time ago and not being too interested. Sure, I liked to run, but since it focuses mostly on training and marathons…I think it was a little out of my league at the time.  I thought I’d save it to read in the car, but I started looking and proceeded to pretty much read every page. Uh, oops. A trip to the store to grab the latest issue might be in the plans today.

Well, I’m off to actually put the things on the list into a bag. With my packing habits (ehh, I get so distracted, I haaate packing), I should be done within the next four hours before we leave.

I’m soo ready for this. I hope Utah is too 😉

Happy weekending*



  1. Good luck on the race!

    Comment by megkathleen — July 18, 2008 @ 11:52 am |Reply

  2. i hope the race went well!

    Comment by Sassy — July 20, 2008 @ 9:26 pm |Reply

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