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July 24, 2008

They say after 21, it’s all downhill

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So far I’ll disagree with that.

A year ago I was recovering from a typical “OMG I’m finallyyyy 21!” night. Whew, that was rough. But I had a greeeat time. Going out in a college town during the summer is ideal. You still have all the amazing bar specials, minus the crazy crowded atmosphere. Just enough people to make it fun, and to avoid waiting half an hour standing at the bar trying to get a drink. Gooood times.

Today I’m just enjoying the fact that I’m off from work, I’m home, and my mom is taking me out for lunch in a mountain town with the best shops to browse. Then we have appointments for some much needed mani/pedis. Yessssss. My feet could use some serious attention, they’ve been workin overtime.

I certainly don’t feel 22. I’m still absorbing the fact that I can say “I have a degree in ___” in conversations. And that I’m going to “Grad” school. So weird. A year from now who knows where I’ll be living, or what jobs I’ll be applying for. Well, with *fingers crossed* that I survive the internship. I guess we should take it one thing at a time….

It’s definitely still an uphill climb for me over here. Still learning, still saving money because I can’t make any for the next year, and still enjoying the fact that–for now–I can soak up the luxuries of living at home.

Hello, 22. We’re startin’ off strong, I think you’ll be good to me.



  1. Sounds like a fun birthday! I had a very bad attitude about my 22nd – I thought it would be a very boring age. But you are starting off your 22nd year much better than I did.

    Comment by megkathleen — July 24, 2008 @ 3:01 pm |Reply

  2. I’ve got 2 more months left of being 22 and better not waste anymore of it. It’s definitely not been the best year ever. But I do like the fact that I can say yes I graduated and yes I’ve been married for almost two years, and I’ve had two real jobs after college. Crazy.

    Comment by Playful Professional — July 26, 2008 @ 11:44 am |Reply

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