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July 28, 2008

This is certainly no day “off”

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We’re a liiittle short handed at the hospital lately. And by “a little short handed”, I mean we’ve basically been screwed in the last month. Two people quit in two weeks (completely unrelated, but still, Gaaah), one person is off on Maternity leave until September, and two people are on vacation right now. Um, this is not good.

Our July schedule has been redone about 10 times and I’m doing two jobs in one day most of the time. It’s a little ridiculous. And working Overtime hours seems to be more common than not. I’ve been lucky to still have my three days off for the last few weeks, not sure how I managed that one.

Tomorrow and Wednesday are my days “off” this week, but after making a little to-do list tonight I realized they will hardly be that. We have homework for the internship due on Friday, which I looked at tonight and wanted to scream. Yes, I’m aware it is my fault for leaving it til the last minute (ahhh how the F is almost August 1st already?!!). It will basically consume about half of my days off and the next few nights. Not. Fun.

Oh, and I had a few summer projects in the works…which are hardly close to being done. Remember how I wanted to redecorate the study? Yah, me neither. Want to what has been done? We bought the new book case and it’s sitting in the garage…still in the box. And we’ve cleaned out the study. Wheeew. Go us. But but but! I did see that the line of furniture we’re using is ON SALE at Target this week. Yayyy! We all know I take any excuse to go to Target. I’m happy.

I also started a College-Years scrapbook (not inspired by “Saved by the Bell: the college years”. Those were bad). It’s alllll Penn State and college wonderfulness. It’s been very fun to work on–obviously making me a little sad, and all kinds of nostalgic….but it also makes me so happy that I had such an amazing experience. So far I’m about half-way through my Sophomore year. Goooood times. The problem is that I want it finished before I leave because I know that I’ll have zero time to work on it once I start the program. Which gives me uhhh, 3 weeks? We’ll see.

Aaaand it’s still summer, right?? Barely, I know. I still want to read my book, and enjoy cooking fun dinners with my mom (and a drink), and go out once or twice with my buddies. And keep running (the one thing I manage to get done every time I want to. Good thing I have my priorities straight here.), and continue watching all seasons of S&TC (the Madre saw the movie, but has never seen the show. this has been fun!), and hang out with the siblings before I head back East, and Relaaaax. While I still can.

Hmmm. Wish me luck.


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  1. Just reading this stressed me out. I hate having a ton of errands to do. Good luck!

    Comment by megkathleen — July 28, 2008 @ 2:52 pm |Reply

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