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August 14, 2008

Apparently it should also fan me and provide me with electrolytes

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I mentioned that this watch was my birthday present from the parents. While i still don’t know how to use it to the max, because I’m avoiding the ‘User Guide’ for now (um, I hate reading those things), I loooove it. I’ve used it on every run since it’s arrival, and I’m not goin’ back.

My sis came home tonight for the weekend, and her friends were at the house within two hours. One of them ran his first half-marathon this summer, so naturally we started the running-talk. He wanted to see the watch, so I went to grab it.

We’ll call the runner, K, and the non-runner, G. Oh, and the sis, uhh….she’ll be S. And we’ll just say there was quite an interesting idea behind how they think the watch should function…..

G: So, what does this thing do again??
Me: It has a GPS system in it, so it maps how far you run, your pace, obviously your time.

G: Oh. I thought the thing was gonna like, squirt gatorade in your mouth or something.
(In my head: OMG that’d be aaawesome!)

S: Ha! Yah!! It should totally do that! And it should have like a fan that pops out too!
G: Definitely.

…….as K is messing with it and pressing buttons. He notices a screen where two people (well, like athletic looking stick-figures) appear like they’re running together. It says “You’re behind by” with a distance and a time. I explain this. Basically, you set the pace that your computer-competitor is running at, and then it will tell you how you’re doing in reference to that pace. So, essentially, that would be your “Goal Race Pace”. Yah, this thing is snazzy.

Well, to this, the sis responds….

S: Whooa. So does it like shock you or something if you start slowing down?! Like, HEY, SPEED UP!
((insert her imitation of being electrocuted. which apparently would make you speed up. right? right.))

Wow. I thought my watch was pretty useful just doin’ what it does. Apparently they think it should also fan me, and provide me with my electrolytes while I’m running. Oh, and use shock-therapy to make sure I’m bustin my ass. They’re so innovative.


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  1. You should email the company that made the watch. Tell them you have a few requests.

    Comment by megkathleen — August 14, 2008 @ 12:37 pm |Reply

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