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August 18, 2008

Just hopin I don’t hit the 50 lb mark

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Every time I pack to come home or go back, I’m holding my breath…hoping that each suitcase is under that 50 lb limit. I’m usually within ounces. Seriously, ounces.

So here I am, ready to head back East again. Spending the summer in my beloved desert has spoiled me…oh so much. Dry air, sunny skies, no rain. What’s not to love? Aside from 100 degree heat, but we’ll let that slide. I have no idea what kind of climate I’m heading into. All I know is that you can’t get much worse than central/northern Pennsylvania. And if it does get worse than that, please don’t ever take me to that place.

What I do know is that I’m not going back to Happy Valley. I’m not going back to my roomies. I’m not going back to a random class schedule. I’m not even going back to my library job.

Nope. Instead I’m going to a new state, with a new apartment & roomie, a new ‘school’ (or type of schooling), and NO job. Ehhhhh.

But….I will also be joined by a new computer, a new phone, and a new GPS system so I don’t end up wandering around the East coast like a headless chicken. Yessss. Nothin’ like some new beginnings, right? Right.

Let’s just hope these beginnings don’t start off with a $50 fine reminding me that I have too much of my life stuffed into each suitcase. *fingers crossed*


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  1. Ugh! I just found out about this!
    I’m hoping we don’t run into problems while on our way to FL!
    I think it’s such a pain!

    Comment by Jen — August 19, 2008 @ 9:37 pm |Reply

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