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August 25, 2008

If you weren’t a human…

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Orientation, day 1. It’s over. I survived. Nothing crazy, nothing too exciting, nothing too overwhelming.

One of the speakers was introduced as one of the “best known” Eating Disorders specialists on this side of the country. Pretty impressive. I guess what comes along with that is a little skill you could call psychoanalyzing. A little psychology background, a lot of experience, and something along the lines of Smart goin on up there. She did a “fun” little exercise to help us get-to-know each other…

We each had a pen and a piece of paper in front of us. She gave us the prompt, and we were to write down the first thing that we thought of. Then she said, “If you weren’t human, but a ______ instead, what kind of ____ would you be?”. The list of things you “were” to be instead, and my answers, looked like this….

  • Animal: Cat
  • Car: Mustang
  • Wood: Cedar
  • Food: Watermelon
  • Fabric: Flannel
  • Color: Purple
  • Scent: Vanilla

For some of those answers, I honestly have no explanation other than “uh, it popped in my head”. For a few of them, I’m sure some of you are thinking “Uh, yah, big surprise” (i.e. Purple. I know LB, I know). And for a few of them I’m sure you’re thinking “Uh, whaaaat?” (i.e. Flannel and cedar. No idea people. No. Idea. I was being honest to the game though, and that’s alllll I got).

Of course we had to go around one by one and explain our answers to whatever extent that we could, which was somewhat interesting. Then the speaker did a little analysis and pretty much told everybody what kind of person we were. Not in a bad way at all. Things like “In a group project situation, he/she will probably blah blah blah”, or “When things get stressful, he/she will likely need blah blah blah”, or “This/that/the other thing are very important to you”. Sounds a little crazy to extract this from what car or fabric you say you would be, in the hypothetical situation that it turned out you weren’t human.

But ya know what…..she was pretty much Right on.

I won’t go into detail. I have to keep a little mystery to my persona, right? But I gotta say, it was a little weird. And I’d like to think I’m the only person who may return in another life as a flannel, purple, mustang-and-watermelon-loving, vanilla scented cat.


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