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September 29, 2008

Shopping might need to be reconsidered

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At the end of my first month, I did pretty well with the budget. I even have some $$ left over that I “didn’t” spend, but could have spent. Yes, very impressive. I know.

After adding everything up and looking it over, I need to make some adjustments. I also need to remember that while my mom was here to move me in, I stocked up on the things I could. Yup, in some ways…I’m totally operating in college-mode. Or, I was. For that weekend. Sooo, toiletries are taken care of for quite a while. That could’ve been X-ed out of the budget for this month, but I threw it in there. Maybe just to feel great about the fact that I spent $0 in that department. Even if it is a false positive, and money will certainly be spent there soon. Dangit.

I also might need to reconsider the ‘shopping’ allowance. I may have overspent…a little bit. And by a little bit, maybe it was about twice what I thought I’d spend. Ehhhhh.

BUT, I definitely held back. I have not bought a single pair of shoes since I left home. Um, that is progress. Riiiight?! Yes. Still, I guess my idea of “holding back” wasn’t quite what I thought it’d be. I got restless with my “business casual” wardrobe a lot faster than I predicted. Not good, since that’s what will make up my daily attire basically until June. Except weekends, when I wear my football jersey all day…for now. I need Stacy & Clinton to give me $5,000 and send me to Ann Taylor and Nordstrom’s and Banana Republic. I should probably get on that; incorporate sweat pants frequently and go to the grocery store in pajamas. They always help those people.

Anyway. I shopped, and I like what I purchased. Most things practical and ‘needed’ (I needed gray pants with a light teal pinstripe right? Yessss). I’m not disappointed with the overspend-age. But I do need to step it up on the whole “I’m on a budget” front. It’s a slow process, but I’m learning. And in the meantime, I’m absolutely Loving this late birthday present from Em. It’s soo very “Fall”. And fabulous.


September 28, 2008

Just one question…

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We saw “Burn After Reading” on Saturday. First of all, hilarious! Seriously. So. Funny.

We left the theater quoting things and laughing and being all “That one scene was crazy!” and “Blah blah was SO funny!” and “HA! You think that’s a Schwinnn???”. And then Em brings up an interesting question….

“Wait. But, what else is John Malkovich in????”

And Jack says, “Um….’Being John Malkovich’…?”

I realize I could go google/imdb/whatever-search it right now, but on the spot…I had no idea. Seriously. What has that guy done??? Other than brilliantly play the crazy angry government/mafia man who yells at everyone and then makes a drink. Which he does very well. Good job. I know I’ve seen movies that he’s in. But what were they? Do not know. I’ve also never seen ‘Being John Malcovich’. Anybody? Hmmm.

Anyway. This was my weekend….

Trivial pursuit at the bar was difficult. That game just reminds me that there are plenty of useless facts I’ll never know. Which I’m okay with. Until somebody pulls out this game. Gah.

Again, go see “Burn After Reading”. Dooooo it.

If you grill chicken in the rain, its delicious. Oh, and uh, Penn State….We’re Back. After Saturday night’s performance (38-24)…we’re #6 in the Nation. !!!!!!! Yessssss.

September 26, 2008

Road trip Rambling

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I’m gettin out for the weekend. And by out, I mean….Road triiiiip.

It’s only been a month since I got here, but for some reason I have that itch. I need to take a break, leave, and detoxify myself of all internship-ness. This is weekend #2 with Emily (yesss!!). And it’s also the first time I’ve seen Jack since he had to come down here, move too many boxes, and build IKEA furniture with me. I don’t think he’ll ever forgive the Swedes that wrote the directions (we have some suggestions….), but hopefully he’s forgiven me by now. ‘Cause I am sooooo ready to see him.

Oh, whats this about it being “National Stay at Home week”??  Really ABC?? You don’t have to beg. Somebody will ‘stay home’ watch two hours of Grey’s…, after The Office. Jim & Pam!!!! O-m-g. Finallyyyyyy!

I barely packed last night. I have yet to figure out what’s wrong with me in that department, but it’ll get done. I did do laundry. And fold it. Aaaand get music from the roomie’s iTunes so I have some new stuff to jam out to today. I have priorities.

If I bring a sweat-towel to the gym, I feel like I sweat more. Anybody? It’s always about 80º in there, meaning I will sweat profusely anyway. But, gah. It is better than 90% humidity and morning “dew” though. I don’t do the dew. Or humidity.

Anyway. The 5-mile morning run will hopefully appease my legs for having to drive 5 hours to PA. I never thought I’d be so excited to see that state. This one is pretty-n-allll, but we’re just not on that “level” yet.

Sooo, I’m off. Happy weekendinggg internets!

September 23, 2008

I just hope it wasn’t the butterscotch mousse

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For “work” today, we got to join the boss and head over to a Food Show. For educational purposes of course, just to see what they’re like. And eat lots of free food.

Basically, all the big foodie companies come and set up displays full of ‘new product’ samples. You’ve got everything from meat companies to General Mills (free cereal, yesss!). Somewhere in the middle we had some fresh veggies, soup and desserts. All things delicious. Especially a tiny “shooter” of butterscotch mousse. Oh, it was sooooo good.

Seriously. If someone ever invites you to a food show, stop everything your doing and go eat. No. Questions.

Anyway. Great day at work, we got out a little early, and it was gooorgeous here today. Perfect situation for an afternoon jog.

Starting off I felt slow, figuring it was probably because I did a long one on Sunday, and was sick yesterday. But, I’m a little stubborn. Sooo, sometimes I ignore the signs and keep running. Attempting the pace I want to be at, and finishing the distance I wanted to do. Ehhhhh.

I got to 30 minutes and felt like if I ran for one more I’d probably have to sit down on the sidewalk and wait for the search party. And, being that I’ve been gone for two hours on a run before, ummm that could take a while.

For once, I did what the “smart” runner is supposed to do, and listened to my legs/stomach/nose/head. I was stuffy, a little grumpy, still full from fooood, and tired. I actually stopped, walked for a mile, and then easily finished the run at a nice slow pace. Yesss. Go me.

I just hope it had nothing to do with the butterscotch mousse. I could use some more of that. Yummm.

September 22, 2008

Football, Navy styyyle

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Saturday we watched Navy beat Rutgers 23-21!! Goood stuff.

Not quite the crowd of 110,000 that we’re used to, but wow did it feel good to be at a football game. It’s a beeeautiful stadium, nice work USNA. I’m very impressed. There’s even an area of grass, which you can kind of see in the first pic. It’s crowded with people, but it’s right below the actual seats. How awesome is that?! Lounging on a blanket, watchin football, right in the action. Very. Awesome.

Oh, and sitting, at a game. It’s everything I thought it could be. Yesss. 

September 21, 2008

Nuvi thinks I moved to D.C.

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I learned a very important lesson this weekend. Don’t always trust the GPS. It’s not always right.

Knowing very well that I have been lost on this crazy side of the country many times, my Dad thought I should own a little GPS system for my car. He’s a genius. After one month, I know I literally could not survive this year without it. While I learn directions pretty quickly, I don’t always follow them so well. So having my personal electronic navigator has been very useful. And, most of the time, she knows where to go (yes, it’s a she. Her name is Nuvi, because thats what the device is called. Don’t ask me why. Garmin liked the name? Who knows.).

Emily came up for the weekend (yess!!), and got here pretty late on Friday night. We drove to Annapolis to visit her someone and have a few drinks. I was the driver for the night, so we took my car and my GPS. Even though I’ve driven there a few times since moving here, I always get confused on the way back. We won’t get into that, it’s complicated. As are all of the roads that go by 5 different names in this area. But we won’t get into that either.

As we’re heading back, what should be a 25-30 minute drive turned into a 90 minute drive. During which we drove much further south and west than we should have. When Emily said “Um, there’s the Washington Monument”, I thought “Ummmm. This is not good.”

I’m still very confused as to how this happened. We got in the car, turned on Nuvi and told her to go “Home” (which is obviously my apartment, programmed into her crazy little system). This has never failed before. But here’s the problem with relying on Nuvi, I might trust her a little too much. She’s loud, and she tells me where to turn, how far before I turn, and then repeatedly says what I’m supposed to do for every 0.1 miles until I do it.

And on Friday night, she decided that I moved to DC.

I did realize we had been driving for a while, but the screen wasn’t changing directions and she wasn’t “Recalculating” (what it says when you’ve messed up and now she has to figure out how to fix it). Soooo, I just kept driving. Bad choice. We were in unfamiliar territory, and started seeing signs with the Capitol building logo that said “Downtown: ___ miles”. That was probably the first red flag. Then we found ourselves on a 5 lane road with bright lights, too much traffic for the time of night, and street names like “6th Street”. Ehhhhhh.

Oh, then we saw the Washington Monument. Uhhhh. NOT. Good.

Long story short, we eventually made it “home” and out of DC. And learned that just because Nuvi knows all the roads and knows where you’re going, she might not always lead you in the right direction. Just be aware.

September 17, 2008

Ever true to you, dear old White and Blue

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Three months ago I moved out. I walked across the stage and got the diploma. I left Penn State.

Today, it hit me.

For the next 3 weeks I’ll be working in “College dining” for the University I’m at now (grad program…). It’s completely different than the way Penn State ran things, which is confusing. But, if anything, presents a challenge to try and figure things out. The school hosted an Involvement fair today, completely showing our’s who’s the boss. Gah.

As opposed to table after table stuffed into the student union, they had everything outside. Very smart. It was huuuuge. And they had a climbing wall, a DJ, a burger/hot dog grill, and an information center with maps. Um, whoa.

I sat at our table all day, which turned out to be pretty pointless since I had zero answers to all questions. Luckily, I was accompanied by a staff member. Otherwise students would’ve been like, and we’re paying you money becaaaause? And I would’ve responded, Good point. Go get a burger. It’s on me. Here’s $5.00.

I love doing stuff like this, because you basically just people-watch for hours. Definitely witnessed some interesting things given the volume of students. Somehow I had forgotten that 1 out of every 4 girls decides on sweatpants for the day. Ew. And how much college kids obsess over free things, like pens and pencils and campus maps and candy. One girl basically demanded that we give her a handout with the calorie count for every single thing served on campus. And was baffled that this information is not exactly available….yet. But they’re workin on it. Shocking. One guy stood at our stable for almost half an hour, and his questions veered so far from dining-related that he was asking us why the bookstore ordered shirts on a yearly basis rather than by demand. Uhh, whaaaat?!

I saw a lady wearing a bright pink dress, with pink flats, a pink hat, aaaand a pink umbrella. No, it wasn’t raining.

There are places where this campus eerily resembles my alma mater. Grass everywhere, huge green trees, red brick buildings, 150+ years old. I got homesick, for Penn State. Honestly, a feeling of wanting so badly to walk through the HUB and out onto the lawn. Where, on days like this, tons of students are laying out on blankets and jackets, reading and laughing and doing Sudokus. And then walk to class, just to be done 50 minutes later and think “What will I do with this gorgeous Fall day?”……

Today, for the first time, it really hit me that I’m done. And I miss it. A Lot.

It’s just not the same being surrounded by Red & Black. Ironically I was in navy pants and a white shirt today. Apparently my subconscious was screaming “We Are!…..Penn State!!” I hear ya buddy.

We’re ever true to you, dear old White & Blue.

September 16, 2008

I guess when you graduate these are called “reunions”

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I’ll have my first official visitor in, um…..3 days!!!!

Yes. I’m excited. Veryyyyy excited.

Aside from holiday breaks where I get all adventurous and head West, I have lived next to or with this person for the last four years. That’s basically 1/5 of my life. And she’s basically the best roomie ever. And basically, Friday can not come fast enough. How are we supposed to adjust to going from daily doses of each other to having to schedule reunions??!

Gah. This ‘graduating’ thing is a little crazy. My roomies are all spread out now. I can’t run across the hall and say “LB I need fashion advice. ASAP!!”. Or watch Sally do her nails while we all watch TV. And I can’t go next door and sit on Em’s floor, and chat with her, and listen to her music that always grows on me and steal her jackets when I’m freeeeezing cold because I’m still in some southwestern-fantasy where I don’t need winter clothing.

But, for this weekend, I get a taste of my former reality. I get a nice big breath of fresh air.

Em is heading up here for the weekend and staying with me!! Really, she’s also visiting a certain someone at a certain Academy, and I get to provide room & board (and drinks!) and tag along. Yesssssss.

It will be our first overnight visitor. The apartment is finally ready for this. Stocked with a couch and lounge chair. Neither of which came from a thrift store. Thanksss IKEA. And I am more than ready for this.

September 15, 2008

The Hills & T-9

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I don’t know why I watch “The Hills”. I hated this show for the longest time, and then my roomies got me, um, “into” it. ? I’m so ashamed.

So when I watch it, I think of them. And miss them deeearly. And have to text them and see how they feel about all the madness that’s occuring!!! (Did you watch the new one?!?!!)

me: Omg, are you watchin the hills?!?!

Em: No! whats happening?!

me: Heidi’s sister moved to LA and texted Lauren to hang out! And spencer is being a huge deush duechdoosh deusch…..

Me: “Okay seriously. How do you spell douche?!?!!”

Roomie: “Um…D-o-u-c-h-e…?”

Me: “Oooh, stupid T-9. It doesn’t recognize that. Gah!!”

(back to the text): Douche. Of course.

Em: Oohhh SHITTY!

Ehhhh. I’m watching The Hills & complaining about T-9. This is not good. I need to go read something about science or Diabetes to remind myself that I’m an educated individual.

September 14, 2008

Gettin’ ready for numero tres

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In less than 30 days I’ll be running my third half-marathon, in the Baltimore Running Festival. Luckily I found this one over the summer, because there’s already a wait-list. They’re capping the race at 15,000 runners. 15,000!!! Uh, what am I getting myself into???

This is the big leagues. The last two have been around 1,000 people, and I thought that was a lot. Wrong. Soooo wrong. When I registered I put in my “estimated finish time”. Which is really a guess at this point, since the first two were six minutes apart. How about an average? Yesss.

I’m not so pumped about running with 14,999 other people around me. But I am pumped because for the first time, I don’t have to travel!! It’s just a short 20 minute drive. Wonderful. Aaand, it starts at 9:45 a.m.. NOT 6 a.m. like the last one. Gah, that was rough.

Figuring out how to train for this one has definitely been the challenge. Obviously there have been some “learning” experiences while trying to figure out where I even can run around here. I’ve got an idea of which roads I’ll likely get run-over on, and which ones I’ll likely find myself doing improv kick-boxing to teach some punk kid a lesson. I’ve finally found some decent neighborhoods, and started using mapmyrun like it’s my job. Sometimes I have to write the directions on a notecard and stick that into my iPod holder. That’s been interesting… do what ya gotta do.

With 4 weeks to go I’ve definitely never been this prepared. Usually this marks my second “long” run. Instead, I’ve been doing the “long” ones since mid-August, coming off of the training from the last race. That was smart and really dumb at the same time. I learned a valuable lesson: Don’t start running again too soon (after a race). Let yourself heal! I realize that sounds like common sense, but ehhhh, sometimes us runners get carried away.

Anyway. I’m gettin’ there…..

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