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September 8, 2008

All the lights were Off, and it was really hot!

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We got off early enough for me to enjoy a nice long run outside today. After the crazy tropic rain storm that came through here over the weekend, this was much needed. I also needed to shake off Friday’s incident (found heere). Gah.

I left one of the lights on. Not for any particular reason, I just remember leaving it on. About an hour later, I walked into the apt, and it was off. Roomie (who will be further referred to as C, typing roomie is just too lonnggg) was not home yet. Sooo, she didn’t turn it off. Hmmmm. It felt as hot inside as it did outside. Checked the thermostat and turned the air down (which actually means “up”, because it’s getting cooler right? Yah, that always confuses me too). No noise….hmmmm.

I tried to turn on a lamp, and nothing happened. Ahhh! What if there’s somebody in the apartment doing these crazy things?!?! Yup, that was my first thought.

I’m sure you all deduced what was going on faster than I did. The power was out. Completely OUT. All the rooms were dark, all the clocks were off, it was getting hotter by the minute (and I’m still sweating from the run. Mmmm, disgusting). I opened the fuse box and checked everything. Which did nothing. Gah. There goes the extent of my electrical knowledge. I sat on the floor and pondered all options, which all led to electricity. I wanted cold water, so I opened the fridge and things were already starting to feel warm. Ah! We just went grocery shopping! Not. Fair. Plus, I had ice cream in the freezer. What if it melts?! (Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Yogurt Half Baked. Yesssss. So delicious.)

C returned from the gym and informed me that she was basically thrown off the treadmill because the power went out in there too, and the track came to an abrupt stop. Scarryyyy. I always worry about that when I’m on those things. Seriously, they could do it. And if you fell off, that would hurt!

We sat there for over an hour complaining about everything we couldn’t do without electricity. It’s amazing, really. No internet. All our homework things are online or on jumpdrives. Not helpful. No cooking. No light in the bathroom for a shower. I went to grab my little fan because we were both so sweaty. Umm, nope. Can’t plug it in. No TV, obviously…….


…..Decision: go grab something to eat. For all we knew, the power could come back on in five minutes….or five hours. Besides, it was very boring in the living room, realizing what we couldn’t do. No no, we like to be pro-active over here. Off we go!

LIghts were on when we got home. Thank youuuu. These two chicks definitely needed a shower. And to catch up on Gossip Girl. And to lounge around on lap-tops browsing the internet, writing to you people. Ahh, electricity. Welcome back.



  1. I love it when the power goes out – it always feels like a little adventure.

    Comment by Megkathleen — September 9, 2008 @ 12:48 pm |Reply

  2. Save the Ben & Jerry’s for sure…Half Baked Fro Yo is my favorite flavor too! Yummers.

    Comment by Sassy — September 9, 2008 @ 11:54 pm |Reply

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