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September 9, 2008

I don’t like the seat, and now my knees hurt

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There were no treadmills or ellipticals open at el gimnasio today, so I hopped on the only thing that was open. The bike.

We don’t have a good track record, me and the exercise bike. I never find comfort in the seat, and every time I get on one, I’m reminded that my knees hate me. They are completely destroyed from 10+ years of soccer, and they aren’t afraid to consistently remind me of the damage done. Sometimes after “long” runs, on the nice hard pavement, they scream at me for at least an hour. It feels like a small child ran around waving a two-sided sledge hammer and saw the eye of the Target on my knee caps. Not good.

But then they lay dormant for months, and I forget what goes on down there. Then I go and test them. I hop on a little stationary bike, even though I kind of hate them (sorry bike people! It’s great exercise, it’s just not what I’m used to….), and I start pedaling.

Since I don’t use the bike, I never know what “level” is hard/medium/easy. Other than the obvious, 1-5 probably means you’re not doing anything but sitting and pushing air….or warming up/cooling down I guess. I don’t know how high these levels go, and I don’t know the point at which I will feel like I’m pushing a ten year old in circles with my legs. Gah. So much to think about.

For this particular bike, I quickly found out that Level-15 was pushing it. That would be my “hard”, with 11 or 12 as the “medium” interval. I did this for about half an hour, with every 15-interval feeling like a mile sprint….over and over. Seriously, this bike thing is hard! To me, it feels like lifting weights consistently for 30 minutes. Or at least it did today. Hmm, not my forte.

Anyway. The parts of my legs “burning” the most were thighs (yes, expected), and shins. Weird. The knee issue kicked in around minute 5, and I just ignored it as usual. Dumb. I finally got off and could barely walk. Whatever muscle is located directly under the knee cap was certainly not appreciating the extra attention. I’ve never felt that kind of burn, not even after 13 miles. Ehhhhh.

I decided that a slooowww jog back to the apartment could either makes things a Lot worse, which I would figure out instantly, or loosen up my legs and help immensely. Very luckily for me, it helped. A loooot. Good ol’ running.

And I can assure you this–I don’t care how many runner people tell me that I need to incorporate cross training. Nope. Not happening. This chick is sticking to running, and knee-saving. MmmK, thanks.



  1. have you tried spinning? i love love LOVE it. i actually think its easier on my bad knees than running…although that doesnt stop me from spending an hour on the treadmill most days. tonight i ran outside and only lasted 35 mins when my knees started aching, shins started burning and my feet fell ASLEEP!

    good luck switching things up…or just go home next time there isnt a good machine open 😉

    Comment by ANG* — September 10, 2008 @ 12:20 am |Reply

  2. I hate the bikes too! I “crosstrain” by doing yoga every once in while, but I don’t do it for crosstraining purposes I do it for relaxation.

    Comment by Megkathleen — September 10, 2008 @ 2:43 pm |Reply

  3. […] attempts at doing something different for an ‘off’ day have been a little disastrous. I hate exercise bike, only because years of soccer + running have left me with knees that belong to the elderly.  The […]

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