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September 10, 2008

Pictures will never look the same

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((I’m also over here again today. J is still gone, and this is an attempt at her fab fashion stuffff.))

I recently discovered a new way to waste my time. Yesssss.

In one of our technology classes we played around with Microsoft Picture Manager. I had no idea this existed ( I know, where have I been???), and was instantly fascinated. It’s extremely simple, just messing with size and colors and flipping/rotating, etc. But these simple things are the ones I didn’t even know I could do on my computer. I thought you had to have that fancy picture software and all kinds of fancy knowledge of how to use it. Wrong.

Basically I’ve already wasted an hour or two playing with my pictures, just seeing what they look like when I change the hue to Bright Green, or make them all classy in Black & White, or crop it and flip it so that I’m on the opposite side (which, for whatever reason, is so entertaining to me). So, while watching Project Runway, this is what I do as I sit on the couch….

….I spin pictures 90º and make give them a purple hue. Of course.

….or crop them so you only see my Loves, and I make them a slight shade of green.

…I might even go crazy and rotate the other way, and brighten it up about 10 shades. It looks like someone sprayed Chlorox on the picture. Hmmmm, interesting.

…Then I take a picture from a recent day trip to DC, and actually make something of it. I love the way this kind of looks like a painting.

…Or take another pic from DC (US Botanic Gardens), and make the jungle bright, or just a little bit darker. Ooooh.

I think I’m addicted.


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  1. I LOVE the way the picture looks- third from the bottom- it does look like a work of art. Hmm- I love photo editing sites- addicted too! They are SO fun! 🙂 hehe!

    Comment by Jen — September 14, 2008 @ 10:10 am |Reply

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