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September 23, 2008

I just hope it wasn’t the butterscotch mousse

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For “work” today, we got to join the boss and head over to a Food Show. For educational purposes of course, just to see what they’re like. And eat lots of free food.

Basically, all the big foodie companies come and set up displays full of ‘new product’ samples. You’ve got everything from meat companies to General Mills (free cereal, yesss!). Somewhere in the middle we had some fresh veggies, soup and desserts. All things delicious. Especially a tiny “shooter” of butterscotch mousse. Oh, it was sooooo good.

Seriously. If someone ever invites you to a food show, stop everything your doing and go eat. No. Questions.

Anyway. Great day at work, we got out a little early, and it was gooorgeous here today. Perfect situation for an afternoon jog.

Starting off I felt slow, figuring it was probably because I did a long one on Sunday, and was sick yesterday. But, I’m a little stubborn. Sooo, sometimes I ignore the signs and keep running. Attempting the pace I want to be at, and finishing the distance I wanted to do. Ehhhhh.

I got to 30 minutes and felt like if I ran for one more I’d probably have to sit down on the sidewalk and wait for the search party. And, being that I’ve been gone for two hours on a run before, ummm that could take a while.

For once, I did what the “smart” runner is supposed to do, and listened to my legs/stomach/nose/head. I was stuffy, a little grumpy, still full from fooood, and tired. I actually stopped, walked for a mile, and then easily finished the run at a nice slow pace. Yesss. Go me.

I just hope it had nothing to do with the butterscotch mousse. I could use some more of that. Yummm.


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  1. Man I wish I had a job where I got free food! I would love to get paid to go to a food show.

    Comment by Megkathleen — September 24, 2008 @ 2:26 pm |Reply

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