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October 9, 2008

Yet another thing I’ve learned

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On Monday, despite knowing we’d be walking around, I wore 4 inch heels. For class Day. I’m still wondering what the heck I was thinking.

We had to stop by Target on the way home (yesss), and I um, ‘had’, to look at shoes. Somehow I escaped blisters, but my feet were dying a slow death, wondering why I was torturing them now…yet expecting them to be in perfect shape for Saturday. And I was starting to walk like a hunchback. Not. Good. Target has all these new fancy fall shoes out. Very. Good.

Luckily I’m so well-behaved. I restrained myself. Still not quite sure how that happened….

Monday night my back hurt so bad I had to lay a pillow length-wise and sleep on top of it. Something about that just isn’t right.

Luckily, I’ve rebounded. Wearing flats and comfortable shoes for the last two days. My body was tiiiired last weekend, so I’m just hangin out. Resting, and doing what you’re supposed to do in preparation for a race (a few short runs, and a few “off” days). Which I’m now positive does Not include wearing four-inch heels and pretty  much demanding blisters and pain.

I’ve been so nervous about this race. I can’t pinpoint why. Maybe its the idea of a “big” race, maybe it’s the idea of racing in a big city, maybe it’s the pressure I always put on myself to do better. The competitor in me just can’t resist. I keep thinking; this one will be so different than the last two, I want to run it and just enjoy it for the experience. But I know me. I know that if I don’t push myself, and at least try for that PR, I’ll be just a little bit disappointed.

It really is amazing how each race can be/has been (for me) So.Very.Different. Spring, Summer…now Fall. Training at school, training at home….training in some crazy neighborhood off of a huge interstate (scaryyy). My race times vary by 6 minutes (faster the second time), which is huuge. Not sure how it happened, but wow thats one way to spoil your competitive mind. I know there’s not a chance that can happen every time, but I’m itching for something even a little bit faster. Gahhhh.

I’m still working on my ‘routine’, and don’t have anything set in stone. Some things work great, and others fail badly (i.e. wearing 4 inch heels for an 8 hour day. not smart).

After this one I want a little break, and maybe I’ll use that time to figure things out.


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  1. I’m sure despite the four inch heels you will rock the race. Plus I’m sure they’re so cute as to be worth the pain.

    Comment by Megkathleen — October 9, 2008 @ 5:07 pm |Reply

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