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October 20, 2008

Something like Dora, or a Turtle

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I’m not so into the costume-thing on Halloween. Mostly because I don’t like spending money on something I’ll definitely wear only one time, and will likely freeeeeze in. Not cool.

But since I’ll probably be in Happy Valley for the holiday (yess!), I’m considering it (dressing up). And trying to come up with something simple. I pitched my idea to Jack for thoughts….

Green sweatpants, little green T-shirt, purple headband, little brown backpack.

Which would obviously be a teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle. Riiiight? Yes. It’s comfy, easy, I get to wear a purple headband (which I was corrected, should actually go over my eyes. How did I miss that?! I need to step it up on my TMNT over here), and I could put stuff in my backpack. Meaning I don’t have to bring a purse, and I could carry a “water”-bottle around with me. I’m such a cheap date. Also, I tried this last year and it didn’t fly. And I’m still thinkin’ it would’ve been greeeat.

Well. Jack response? “Uh…..’Dora the Explorer’?”

This means three things:

1) I laughed. For a long time…..

2) I might need to reconsider my costume. Because that’s also awesome! I could still carry a backpack, and I could walk around talking in simple Spanish phrases all night! Just try to say that doesn’t sound like a good time. It totally does.

3) Jack knows too much about “Dora the Explorer”.

Now I can’t decide if I should be Dora, a Turtle, or save my money and use it on $1 pizza at the end of the night. Either way I’m totally carrying a back-pack. It just makes sense.


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