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October 21, 2008

Prepping for the parents

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The parents are back in town!

Driving in from WV, they’ll get here around 5. If you wondering why they’re in WV (nope. I’m not from WV), it has to do with conference things. Those fancy get togethers where people sit in lectures all day, and get compensated by a free stay at a fancy hotel. And muffin breakfasts. Pretty sweet deal, yea?

So, they’re coming from one of those. I’ve put out the warning: You will be driving on the DC-Beltway. There will be traffic. And, in other words, I’ll probably see you around…..6 or 7…? Sounds about right.

Since I’m usually off around 4, this gives me plenty of time to spice up the place. Vacuum (which makes everything look So clean. without much effort. Good stuff.), do laundry, make the kitchen look tidy…..that stuff you’re supposed to do anyway, but put off until you think somebody might notice. Well, I vacuum my room like once a week. Maybe because it calms me, maybe because it’s the sanitary thing to do…but mostly, because it’s a quick distraction from homework and it’s my substitution for weight lifting. Which never made anything look clean. And makes your hands smell weird (ew).

My Dad has never been in the area, and he appreciates everything travel-related. And he’s a serious history-buff. I’ll still be at work Thursday and Friday, but I have no doubt they’ll find many ways to distract themselves. In fact, I’ll probably lose them to old War sites and history museums and scenic drives where the leaves are changing (seriously. it’s gooorgeous here right now). Until we meet up for happy-hour of course.

Anyway. I’m exciiiited. My parents are pretty fun to have around. I pointed out to them that they’ll be here just in time for dinner tomorrow night. Very nice planning on their part. So my job is to find a ‘new’ place to eat. Which isn’t hard, because I’ve gone out to eat like, umm…..twice?…since I’ve lived here. It’s not in the budget!! Target and Outlet malls are.

So thats my hump-day excitement. Yesssss, family time!


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  1. Oh! Sounds like fun!
    My cousin took me to Zengo’s in downtown DC! If you feel up to it, it’s AMAZING FOOD! It’s asian and latin fusion food. Omg.
    To die.

    Comment by Jen — October 30, 2008 @ 12:34 pm |Reply

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