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November 27, 2008

Sweaters, soup, and full-frontal snogging

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This whole ‘break’ thing is amazing. Nothing on the agenda, for 5 whole dayysss. Love.

Even after almost 5 years of life over here where it snows all winter, I have never purchased or owned snow boots. I’m stubborn, and have somehow survived 4 winters without them, so why stop now. Right? Ehhh.

I show up in Michigan and the snow is all over, unlike MD. Here I am, proud that I was able to restrict myself to packing only 3 pairs of shoes (ankle boots, black flats and running shoes), and realizing the ones I should have packed…I don’t even have. Gah. Soooo, guess what that means….

Shoe shopping!

The only other thing on our plan for the day was to buy groceries to make a New-Mexican dinner. It was my way of saying “Thanks for feeding me holiday food and letting me stay at your house all week!!”, without having to carry flowers or a bottle of wine on the plane with me. Instead, I’ll take over the cooking for one night and bring in the green chile. Who can complain about that? That’s what I’m sayin.

Knowing me too well, he took me to DSW.  With my budget-style shopping, and not-buying-shoes-for-fun attitude, this required all sorts of self-control. I went straight back to the ‘clearance’ section….um, because thats where Snow Boots will be….right? No. I tried on a beautiful pair of beautiful maroon, round-toed pumps. Why did I do this to myself? I’m still wondering. Because I’m still thinking they belong to my feet.

I did not buy snow boots. But we did wander over to some other stores where I got a great deal on some sweaters for work. Words do no justice to how bored I am with my ‘work’ clothes. Anything new to throw in the mix makes me happy for days. And since I didn’t buy warm shoes, I bought warm soup for lunch instead. Compromise people. It totally hit the spot.

And on a completely random note, have you heard of “Angus, thongs, and full-frontal snogging“?

No? I’m not surprised. But if you’re looking for an extremely easy read (really, we’re talkin like 6th grade level), go get it! I’m a little bit obsessed with the series. I own 4 out of the 6 . They’re simply the inner-ramblings of a 14-yr old British girl, and omg, they’re Hilarious. You just have to take my word for it.

Uh, anyway. Apparently Nickelodeon teamed up with a group of British tween actors, and they have brought this book to life. Jack found it online, streamed it, and surprised me with it as a joke…sort of. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about this. But…..turns out that tween actresses just can’t do justice to this author’s witty character. The movie was unbelievably corny, and the funny-factor was nowhere close to the books. Hm, sad day. But, we tried.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


November 25, 2008

Off to the land of troubled car people

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I’ll be leaving straight from class this afternoon, flying out of BWI and landing in Detroit, MI.

Arriving at 10 p.m. , marking the beginning of a 5 day Break. Yesssss!

This is one city in Michigan I’ve definitely never been to, not even in the airport. This surprised me, because I’ve been through a Lot of random airports. All I know about it is that Eminem lived on 8 mile and the car factories are pulling their hair out right now. Not good. Luckily, I’ll be in and out very quickly. It’s just en route to the final destination (more central MI), where I won’t be with family, but will be with some special people.

I’m thankful for a little escape from this busy life.

I’m thankful that I’m flying, not driving. Even with gas prices constantly dropping (keep going!!), I have no desire to brave the snow that is drenching that state right now.

I’m thankful that I have parents who can, and gladly do, help me out in times of tight-budgets, and still want me to have a fun holiday, home or not.

I’m thankful that despite a very recent change of status, we can still be good friends. And still want to spend this holiday together.

I’m thankful that his parents love Green Chili enough that I can cook them a New-Mexican dinner on Wednesday night, and that will be my “thank you” for giving me lots of delicious holiday eats on Thursday. Flowers just wouldn’t travel well, and food is always better…….right? Right.

I’m thankful that I somehow convinced myself to only pack 3 pairs of shoes. Well, technically 2, since one pair will have to be on my feet. And also amazed at the space this opens up in my big ol’ suitcase.

I’m thankful that when I come back, I have 3 weeks of clinical left, and then I’m flying hooooome for the most wonderful time of the year.

And I’m thankful that I finally have a laptop (not really “new”, but 5 months later it’s still a novelty to me!), and I can travel with my life and entertainment in one little 5- lb bag.

To the rest of you traveling today, be safe!! And just sing in the car if traffic makes you want to ram into the person next to you. It helps, trust me.

November 23, 2008

Couldn’t procrastinate if I tried

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I’m coming off of a Penn-State-weekend-with-the-roomies (and tailgating + FOOTBALL!!!) high.

1123-009 saltailgate meandemgman 1123-017

But. Tomorrow is Monday. Which means it will be promptly deflated.

It also means I have to pack, again. Usually I procrastinate with packing, and make lists, and do laundry, and bring out the suitcase to let it sit empty in my room for at least one night before I think about stuffing things into it.

Well. I just unpacked, put things away, made a new pile for laundry, made a new list for the next trip, and will re-pack in 24 hours. This time in a real suitcase (instead of my little duffel bag), and for a real trip (meaning more than 2 days). All of which will have to be done after an 8-hour “class” day. Everything has to be ready to jet by Tuesday morning, because I’ll be leaving that evening, coming straight from yet another “class” day. Ehhhhh.

I’m definitely ready and excited for a break. I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving!! But that can only be a good thing. Right? Yes. That means in 3 weeks I’ll actually be able to go HOME. And nothing sounds better than that right now.

Because guess what I’ll be doing over my “holiday” break…….


((Did you see that WIN on Saturday?!?! Gooooo State!))

To watch Football, cheer on my Lions, see Joe Pa, and spend a few days in Cali with the fam. Oh, yesssss.

Clearly there is too much on my mind to think about packing. And this time, I couldn’t even procrastinate if I tried. That’s rough.

November 20, 2008

This is what I know

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If you read me over here on this little blog even once a week you probably know I graduated in May. And that I’m borderline obsessed (um, definitely obsessed) with my alma mater (…..PENN STATE. Whooo.)

But what I don’t talk about as much is what my major was. I talk about it here and there, but ya know. That’s not as interesting and I’m here to write, to get away from science and diseases and ahhh.

Then, I go and read blogs that talk a lot about exercise, running, diets, food, cooking, etc. So, really, I never get away from it. Which is awesome. Clearly I love it all. And I’m always up to learn something new. And they pose questions about all of the above, and I’m like “Hi! I can help! I mean, ya know…if you want…”. I’m always pleasantly surprised by the response. A lot of you have questions, and I could talk Nutrition allll day!  (and Disney and running and football…..ehhh, we won’t get into that).

I’ve never done this before, but I’m opening this up to You. If you don’t respond, it’s cool. That just means maybe I’ll spend more time working on the homework I probably should be doing anyway. Dangit. But! If you do, then sweeeet. I’ll dedicate a post to You.

With answers, obviously.

November 18, 2008

Because right now, it’s wandering

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My mind has been in too many places over the last few days.  There’s no constant, other than knowing one thing: I’m ready for a break. Just a little escape from this place, and this schedule, and this persistent curiosity.

I’m only 3 months into this internship, meaning I have a full 7 to go. Thus far, I know what I want to do. Three months ago? I had no idea. Which is kind of the idea behind why we’re here. Well, that, and being eligible to take an exam next Fall. Soo…it’s a little daunting to think that despite this, I still have to go through all of the other rotations. I still have to see what everything else is like, juuuust in case I change my mind. Even though I kind of despise Food Service. It’s just too much to think about, with the menu and the cost/revenue and the food safety and ahhhhh.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love food. I love cooking and I love experimenting. Just not when it’s at the risk of somebody else vomiting, or the risk of a company losing money because we f-ed up an order. Anyway. I love clinical. I like being in hospitals.

If you’re not thoroughly confused, I’m impressed. But this is just what’s on my mind.

I don’t know if I want to stay in this area, but right now, it’s lookin good. I’m close to Penn State, I’m close to two cities ( just in between ), I can hop on a train to NYC, and it’s not snowing here yet.  We went to “Power Plant” in Baltimore on Saturday night, and I got a small taste of what a night out (when you have $$) can really be in the big cityyy. Love.

….but there are other options. I can move, and live where I want to (ahem, where I get a job). And that’s a little exhilarating too. Gahhhhh.

Where else has my mind been? Oh, many places….

REUNION!!!! All four of us, together, in Happy Valley. Oh. Happy. Day. Whyyy is it not Friday yet?!?!?

Watching “The Biggest Loser”. Seriously, love this show. Jillian and Michael are making this country healthier, one crazy competitor at a time. And those weigh ins? Whew, intense. These people are puttin’ up some numbers.

Thanksgiving. BREAK. <– That’s a key word there. Break. Away from here, away from work, away from readings and case studies and quizzes. Just a Wednesday to Sunday of a home, tradition, flannel sheets, and turkey food. Yessss.

How to decorate the ‘new’ apt for Xmas. I’m thinkin the tree will be passed this year, because without Sal and LB to take care of it, I’d probably burn something down. And the people below us would definitely not appreciate that. Soooo, lots of tinsel and candy-canes and red & green somethings and holiday-Oreos will have to do.

And one more thing. Britney’s new one, “Womanizer”. Turn that on and run, and you’ll know what I mean. Good stuff.

November 17, 2008

Now it’s comin

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Compared to the lovely center of PA, this state has spoiled me. We were still having temps in the 60s up to this weekend. A torrential downpour isn’t commonplace, and I haven’t had to scrape ice off of my car…yet.

Well, the 10-day forecast has told me that those days are over.

For the first time since living here, I’m getting sick. Maybe it’s the sudden um, 10 degree, drop in outside temp? Maybe it’s the fact that my room is frigid, for some reason the heat skips it and moves on to the bathroom. (I even bought a space-heater thing, but it blows a fuse if we turn one more thing on. Eh, Not good.) Or maybe, it’s the fact that I’m no longer in goin-out-shape. Two nights in a row of actually leaving the apt and socializing, with a football game stuck in the middle, is a little much for this chick.

Gah, sad day.

But! I’m hoping that last weekend was just a prep for this weekend. Like a short run before the race. And I’m getting sick now so that I’ll be better by Thanksgiving. Right? Right. It’s just a little heads up to the body….’Suck it up. Next weekend we’re doin it again. K? Nice talk, see ya out there.’

On another note. Thanks to those of you who cheered for my Lions (didn’t you???), we’re back on track! I’m squirming in my seat right now just thinking about standing outside of Beaver Stadium on Saturday. Tailgate, roommates, food, and Nittany Lions. That’s good stuff.

November 13, 2008

Two weekends of the 134

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This is the start of two fabulous weekends.

And then it’s Thanksgiving break. Whoooa. How did that happen?!!

Anyway. Em is comin aaaaagain, and I’m just a little excited. Very Excited. As in I’ve been suffering from temporary turrets all week, randomly shouting things like “It’s almost Friday!!!” or “Tomorrow is Thursday!!!” (which is also exciting. great TV.) or “EM IS COMING! ON! FRIDAY!!” around the apartment. I don’t do it at work though, because that’s unprofessional.

Plans include football, bars in Baltimore (which will be a first! I’m a slacker.), tailgates and sleepovers …thanks to an IKEA pull-out couch….of which I’ve promised no real comfort, buuut it’s better than the floor. I hope.

It’s a little weird to host my roomie of almost 4 years in a different apartment. Last time she was here, she came out of the bathroom and said “I felt so familiar in there, and couldn’t figure out why. And then I realized ‘Ooh! Our bathroom rugs! And our shower curtain!’ “. Love.

In case thats not enough Em-time, which it will not be, we’re meeting up again next weekend. At Penn State. With the rest of 134!!! (our old apt’s name.) LB and Sally and Me and Emily. And the world will once again be as it should be. Yessssssss. Really, people, Never spend 5 months apart from people you love. It’s just crazy.

Oh, and um, one more thing. Since I’ll be in the Raven’s stadium watching Navy beat Notre Dame (*fingers crossed* ’cause we don’t want cranky Navy boys), somebody watch the Lions and cheer just as hard as I would! Maybe even wear a white and navy jersey…ya know…if you have it laying around. It helps. And we need a win again. K Thankssss.

happy weekending!

November 12, 2008

A 5-mile debate

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It was like she knew I had been recently wondering the same thing. I got the question today from a fellow intern who also ran the Baltimore Half in October….

“So, have you thought about actually doing a full marathon?”


Yes. And no. No and yes.

I don’t know! I want to do it. I know that eventually I’ll do it, because I know I’ll get bored running the ‘halfs’ for so long. Right? Um, right. It’s just a matter of when. I could sit here and make excuses for days, but I’d rather not. Because there are too many bloggers that I read (and admire) that run marathons like it’s a daily jog and have full-time jobs that are hard and stuff.

My answer to the above question was something along the lines of “Yahhhhh, I want to do one within the next year, it’s just…sort of….you know….”. Then I explained how I’m returning to Pittsburgh at the end of March, to run the same race I did last March. It was my first 13.1 miles, and I want to do it again as a veteran half-er. After which I made the mistake of vocalizing an internal debate I’ve been having …..

This particular race also offers a 30-K, which is ~18.64 mies. I realize that to some (aka marathon-ers), an extra 5 miles at a race doesn’t sound like a lot. To me, it sounds like a lot. But then I think, what a perfect stepping stone between the Half and Full distances. Right? Gah. I know.

Once I said this out loud, of course everybody is all like “Yah! Thats perfect! You should definitely do it. I mean, why not??” Which is exactly what I did Not want needed to hear. Because part of me just wants to do the half, for ‘tradition’ (yup, 2 years counts as tradition), and see if I can beat my time from last year. Then that other part of me is saying crazy things like–Why settle? Why not push yourself and go for the challenge?–and I’m still sitting here debating.

For now, I’m keeping the race website open on my browser to taunt myself into make into a decision.

Advice….would be much appreciated.

My own dose of TBL

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Thanks to Target, I now own a “Power Sculpt” video featuring the trainers from “The Biggest Loser” (which I’m dubbing TBL, because it’s shorter to type). If you’ve ever watched the show, you know how scary this is.

This is me in an attempt to actually follow a more “balanced” training schedule. Not that I’m actually training for anything, right now, but ya know. In theory. On you can type in some numbers and Bam! there’s a schedule, just for you. It’s pretty sweet.

My recent attempts at doing something different for an ‘off’ day have been a little disastrous. I hate exercise bike, only because years of soccer + running have left me with knees that belong to the elderly. The last time I did the bike, for a whopping 25 minutes, I was limping when I got off. Probably not a good sign.

Then there’s the elliptical. I love these things. But there are different types. And the type they have in our gym? It makes my feet fall asleep! I don’t mean that in some analytical sense as in like “Omg its soooo boring”. No, running on a treadmill is boring. Literally, my feet fall asleep….as in, no blood flow, tingling feeling, stomping them on the ground to wake them up…..looking like a crazy. I don’t think this is normal.

Some people swim for cross-training. Um, thats not happening.

Soo…..workout video! I’m totally open to trying Pilates, but don’t belong to an actual gym-gym. Like, the kind you pay for. Therefore, I can’t attend the classes. They don’t appreciate that. Instead, I’ll spend the money once and have the ‘class’ (aka Video) whenever I want! Goood deal.

The “TBL” DVD caught my eye. Because I watch that show, and those people are crazy. I love it. It’s the “Power Sculpt” video, which implies weight lifting (there are a few more to choose from ) but um, I didn’t buy weights to use yet. I thought I’d test out the video and see which ones wouldn’t kill me or be too easy (depending on what we actually do with them). Yesterday was the trial run, and you definitely Need the weights, but it was still a workout. Jillian doesn’t mess around. Gah. Less than 24 hrs later I’m already sore. The video is set up as a 6-week program, which is awesome because it means I won’t be doing the same thing over and over and over.

It also means she’ll be kickin’ my ass in 6 different ways and I’ll be like “I gotcha, running doesn’t necessarily make you strong. Yup. I get it!”

November 10, 2008

While things are still alive

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I’m going to take pictures of them. And use them as an excuse to cease homework-doing for the afternoon.

The roomie and I took a little walk on Sunday because it was 55º, sunny, and goooorgeous. There’s no way I can let a day like that slip by, so I did this instead…..






Soo, I might finally love that this is where I live. I mean, just for now. Yuppp.

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